“We didn’t get an adequate offer.” Lufthansa pilots to go on strike

“We didn’t get an adequate offer.” Lufthansa pilots to go on strike
“We didn’t get an adequate offer.” Lufthansa pilots to go on strike

“We did not receive an adequate offer,” said Vereinigung Cockpit union spokesman Matthias Baier after the latest meeting with company management on Wednesday. The union has therefore called on the pilots to strike all day on Friday 2 September from 00:01 to 23:59.

However, the union is willing to call off collective action if management presents a “significantly improved offer”. According to the head of the negotiating team, Marcel Gröls, the unions are not only asking for compensation for losses in real earnings caused by high inflation, but also for a mechanism that would guarantee “sustainable remuneration” in the future.

According to the DPA agency, the unions are asking for a 5.5 percent wage increase this year and then the creation of a mechanism that would increase wages in line with inflation in the coming years as well.

The strike was approved in a vote by pilots in both passenger and cargo transport. It was supported by approximately 98 percent of pilots in passenger transport and over 99 percent of pilots in freight. The turnout was 93 percent.

Other pilots will also strike

According to Bloomberg, pilots of the low-cost company Eurowings, which is part of the Lufthansa group, also voted to strike on Wednesday. The date of the strike in this company has not yet been announced.

At the beginning of August, Lufthansa’s management reached an agreement with the unions on the increase in ground staff wages. The agreement concerns 20,000 employees, whose salaries will be increased by the airline in three steps. An increase of 200 euros (over 4,900 crowns) per month this year will be followed by two increases of 2.5 percent next year.

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