Global advertising for a Czech company – Nike shot a spot about Footshop

Global advertising for a Czech company – Nike shot a spot about Footshop
Global advertising for a Czech company – Nike shot a spot about Footshop

The Czech company has truly global advertising, because the giant Nike will promote the Footshop store in its main application. The domestic shoe and clothing retailer has historically become the first merchant from Central and Eastern Europe to be helped by NIKE in this way.

The application itself, through which not only standard products of the famous company, but also limited shoe models are sold, generated 1.7 billion dollars in revenue for Nike in 2020, and its visitors are counted in millions. Already in August 2021, 50 million people had downloaded it.

“Nike has this global application very closed and only rarely chooses one of its strategic partners to present itself there. We succeeded. It’s a big milestone for us,” says Footshop owner Peter Hajduček.

Filming in the center of Prague

For the sake of advertising, a foreign production arrived in Prague and filmed a roughly two-minute spot here for several days. “We walked around the city, showing interesting locations and telling our story. Now Nike will present it to the whole world,” adds Hajduček, adding that he believes the clip will have millions of views and bring new visitors and customers to Footshop.

In the video shot in portrait, in an edited rhythmic clip, footage of Prague is interspersed with the history and present of the company, narrated by its founder Peter Hajduček. A large area is also dedicated to art and collaboration with designers, on which the company bets a lot.

The entire clip was directed by Nike, including financially. “The only currency we pay is our work. We have been cooperating with Nike for a long time, even now that they are reassessing many of their retailers and have terminated cooperation with many of them. We manage to hold a strategic position,” adds Hajduček.

In the ten years since its inception, the e-shop has become one of the leading specialists in the sale of lifestyle footwear for young people. He based his image on collaborations with artists, rappers or well-known designers and managed to get on a short list of business partners of companies such as Adidas and Nike, who can sell exclusive, limited collections.

For example, he designed a limited collection of 520 pairs of blue print sneakers with Adidas.

The company went through a crisis, which sells in fifteen countries, including in France and Germany, for example, earned over a billion crowns for the first time last year. In 2019, it was the twenty-eighth fastest growing company in Central and Eastern Europe according to the Technology Fast 50 ranking compiled by the consulting company Deloitte. However, with the war in Ukraine, the demand for online purchases cooled and the company hit rock bottom.

She curtailed her big plans, laid off workers and closed some stores. At the same time, she made a radical purge in the offer, eliminating about half of the products and limiting cooperation with influencers. Before the summer, it returned to profit and after the crisis it is now even looking for new premises in Prague and Bratislava.

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