There is no pearl like a pearl. A jeweler makes necklaces from male sperm

A woman from Canada decided she would create unique jewelry. In the end, it came true for her and now she is enjoying success on social media thanks to her work. Her necklace is created from replica pearls that she made from human sperm.

Sperm and clay

The Vice portal writes that Booth started a jewelry business in 2021. The bizarre idea was suggested by a man who followed her on social networks. She nodded at him. The first customer was her husband Jesse Millin, on whom she tried jewelry making. Experiments with human fluid and clay were ultimately successful. She subsequently added the video to Tik Tok. It went viral instantly.

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Her customers mostly come from the BDSM community and they absolutely love the products. The Unilad portal adds that one of her customers confided in her that the necklace is something like a “little secret” they have with their partner. Another customer revealed that the jewelry served as a way to remind her of her sex life with her partner even before the birth of the child. Other customers have admitted that the pearls serve as a reminder of their vasectomy. Of course, there are also those who are outraged by the creations of the Canadian jeweler.

People double-wrap the sperm samples and mail them to Jeweler Booth, which is legal in Canada and the United States. She then sends the creation back to them.

At the same time, she is not alone in non-traditional production. Another person who uses sperm to create jewelry is, for example, Victoria Rudkin. “It’s a very narrowly defined part of our business and we still get a lot of negative feedback about it, which is sad because we’ve found that the reasons for sperm jewelry are usually quite emotional,” she said, adding that people often want the jewelry on a celebration of your fertility and love for the other.

Ash, hair or blood jewelry

In addition to sperm, Booth also uses other unusual materials to make jewelry. He also works with breast milk, furs, strands of hair and even cremated human remains. In the near future, he also wants to create from blood.

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Other creative jewelers also use materials that you probably wouldn’t expect for earrings or necklaces. The DW server informs that, for example, designer Miriam Arentz makes her pearl earrings from concrete, while designer Jeremy May molds rings and pendants from favorite books. However, jewelry made of wood, moss or bicycle chain is also sold.

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