Biden leaned into Trump. He is an extremist and a threat to democracy, he said

Biden leaned into Trump. He is an extremist and a threat to democracy, he said
Biden leaned into Trump. He is an extremist and a threat to democracy, he said

“Donald Trump and the MAGA-Republicans represent extremism threatening the very foundations of our republic,” Biden said outside the historic Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the United States’ Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were adopted.

The 79-year-old Democratic president sharply criticizes the extreme wing of the Republicans and the “extreme philosophy of MAGA”. This acronym is an allusion to Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan Make America Great Again.

Biden has now accused MAGA supporters of “disrespecting the Constitution, not believing in the rule of law, and not recognizing the will of the people,” willing to subvert democratic elections, ignoring the Constitution He accused them of being “determined to take this country back” and wanting an America “without the right to privacy , no right to contraception, no right to marry the one you love”, i.e. no same-sex marriage.

“As I stand here, equality and democracy are under attack. Please don’t pretend otherwise,” he said, according to Reuters.

American democracy is guaranteed

Referring to the storming of Congress by Trump supporters and Trump’s questioning of the outcome of the presidential election, the president stressed that there is no place for political violence in the US and also said that he will not stand by as people who refuse to accept defeat try to steal the election.

“For a long time, we thought that American democracy was guaranteed. But it’s not. We must defend her. To protect her. Stand behind her. Each of us,” he emphasized according to the BBC News server.

The far right “applauds anger, feeds on chaos, lives not in the light of truth but in the shadow of a lie,” said Biden, who is trying to galvanize Democratic voters and persuade the so-far undecided.

Key state for finding elections

While still a presidential candidate, Biden held his first campaign rally in Philadelphia. He realizes that the state of Pennsylvania, in which Philadelphia is located, may be the key to success in the November congressional elections and thus the fate of the rest of the president’s mandate, AFP noted. She recalled that Biden recently compared the ideology of Trump followers to “semi-fascism.”

The term has outraged the conservative camp, which accuses the president of contributing to the division of America. House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused Biden on Thursday of “demonizing tens of millions of hard-working Americans.”

“Instead of trying to unite our country to solve problems, President Biden has chosen to divide, humiliate and belittle his fellow citizens,” McCarthy said in Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

If the election were held right now, 47 percent of voters would vote Democratic, 44 percent would vote Republican, at least according to a poll published Thursday by The Wall Street Journal. Back in March, the right had a lead of five percentage points.

But elections are traditionally unfavorable to the party in the White House, opinion polls are not infallible, and two months is an eternity in American politics, AFP noted. It will be difficult for Democrats to keep their majority in the House of Representatives, but they hope to keep it in the Senate, she added, adding that they need to win in Pennsylvania.

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