Two IAEA employees will remain at Zaporosk Elektrrn, the Russian diplomat said

Two IAEA employees will remain at Zaporosk Elektrrn, the Russian diplomat said
Two IAEA employees will remain at Zaporosk Elektrrn, the Russian diplomat said

The mission of the UN agency arrived on Thursday after long negotiations to enter the armored facility, which is the largest of its kind in Europe. yesterday the delegation went back to the land under the control of Kyiv. Ulyanov announced on Friday that six IAEA safety experts will keep the power plant running for several days.

The security situation around the power plant, which Russia has been occupying since the start of its invasion of Ukraine, remains unclear. Both sides are repeatedly wrapped around each other from the scaffolding. According to the Interfax agency, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Oigu on Friday rejected Ukraine’s claim that Russia had placed weapons on the land of the power plant and its surroundings.

I hope that the IAEA committee is right about this, said Ojgu, according to which the Ukrainians and Kyiv will create a real threat of a nuclear catastrophe in Europe. He accused Ukraine of nuclear terrorism.

Ukraine regularly rejects this version of the day. The occupiers lie, falsify the facts and evidence about the fact that they are covering the power plant and the following code for the infrastructure of the Zporosk nuclear power plant, Enerhoatom said on Telegram. According to the company, only the IAEA delegation did not allow the Russians to enter the crisis center of the power plant, where Russian soldiers are deployed, and the inspectors were not allowed to see them.

Russia’s manipulation poses a risk for an independent assessment of the situation in Zagen, wrote Enerhoatom. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said in a statement on Friday that the mission is also important for the dog who killed Rusov in revenge. We did everything to ensure the IAEA’s access to the Zporosk nuclear power plant, and we know that the mission can still play an important role, she said.

f IAEA Rafael Grossi, who led the delegation to the power plant, declared on Thursday that the physical integrity of the plant had been mentally and accidentally violated several times. I have and will be worried about electricity until the situation is stable and reportable, Grossi said, adding that his team managed to get a lot of information in a few hours.

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