Poison in the food, bullet in the head. Prorut collaborators die like flies

Poison in the food, bullet in the head. Prorut collaborators die like flies
Poison in the food, bullet in the head. Prorut collaborators die like flies

Last year, Oleksiy Kovalev was a member of the Ukrainian parliament for the ruling Servant of the Nation party. After November 24, he defected to the side of Russia and became a representative of the Moscow women’s military-civilian administration of the Khersonsk region.

He was thus one of the most influential people in agribusiness in the rest of Ukraine and played a key role in the export of stolen Ukrainian grain. Kyiv accused him of treason, he often received anonymous threats and escaped a bomb attack last year.

Last Sunday, he was found with his head covered in his house in the Tinctite town of Hola Prysta, another in Kherson. tok nezmmch the perpetrator peila his birdwoman, she came out with stab wounds on her neck. Instead, Kovalev’s shotgun bore Mossberg markings.

The murder of the 33-year-old politician is the latest in a series of cases of Ukrainian politicians actively cooperating with the Russian occupation forces. According to The Moscow Times portal, the pace of the flow has been accelerating in recent weeks, experts have encountered nine of them in August alone. A total of nineteen since the wolf’s arrest.

Probably the most notable case is the attempt to poison Volodymyr Saldo, the mayor of Kherson and the Moscow-appointed governor of the Kherson region.

The estaedestilet politician was taken to a hospital in Moscow in August after eating food prepared by a new cook. The Russian Ministry of Defense later stated that Saldo had consumed a nerve agent. Although his health has improved significantly since then, he has not appeared in public.

The day after his hospitalization, a representative of the collaborators from the Kherson region, Vitaly Gura, was shot in front of his house. He then escaped the explosion of an improvised explosive device set up by the roadside.

The traitor Ivan Sushko while he was still alive.

Zelensky stated from the start of the war that collaborators can expect the harshest of penalties from the Ukrainian state. https://t.co/c2KqNpGHq3

August 24, 2022 at 8:04 p.m. pspvek archived: 2nd of 2022 at 1:59 p.m.

Ivan Suko, the Russian-appointed mayor of the 22-thousand town of Michajlovka in the Zporosk region, died on August 24 when his car exploded. The same fate befell Yevgenije Junak, the newly appointed mayor of Velyky Burluk in the Kharkiv region, last month.

Rusov from the Vrad organization blames the Ukrainian government. Kyiv does not deny or recognize its role in the incidents, blaming them for the actions of Ukrainian partisans. Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of the occupied Melitopol expelled by the Russians, soon announced that the hunt for collaborators who submitted to the fake referendums had begun. Ukraine is now deporting about 1,150 people on suspicion of cooperation with the bee.

The wave of assassinations comes at a time when Moscow is preparing to announce plebiscites on joining the Russian Federation in the newly occupied regions. The deadline for the vote is not yet clear, according to some analysts, primarily because of the growing resistance in the occupied countries.

Moscow has not decided definitively about the referendum. Bad about the situation on the battlefield and how far Russia can get the area under control. “Kyiv wants it for a long time,” commented analyst Ivan Preobraenskij on the rampage around the Crimean border in the unstable areas of Ukraine’s counter-offensive in recent days.

The assassinations spread fear and chaos in the Russian body every day and caused the occupied organ to face a lack of political and administrative cadres. Some even preferred that: for example, the most famous Kherson collaborator Kirill Stremousov, according to the latest reports, took refuge in Vorone, Russia.

“Kherson will never again be under the control of the Nazis”, the Russian puppet “deputy governor for Kherson” Kirill Stremousov claimed this morning.

He is so certain of a Russian victory, he cautiously recorded his message in Voronezh’s Marriott hotel, Russia. https://t.co/q2PsZJcYbU

August 30, 2022 at 11:14 pspvek archived: 2nd of 2022 at 14:06

Although the majority of the assassinations are linked to the Ukrainian resistance, according to analysts, it is possible that some disaffected politicians have become victims of the struggle for power and the dispute over the division of local business under new ownership. Teba Volodymyr Saldo has a rather rich criminal past: six years ago he was arrested in the Dominican Republic and accused of stabbing the nose of his business partner and later of murdering his brother.

Jin Ukraine is a rich region. A high level of crime has always been associated with the local population, active trade and crime. Some people today are fighting for money and power, Konstantin Skorkin, an expert on the Ukrainian political scene from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank, told The Moscow Times.

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