Zan aerial battle of vodka balloons over non-Europe. Watch online

Zan aerial battle of vodka balloons over non-Europe. Watch online
Zan aerial battle of vodka balloons over non-Europe. Watch online

This airline may seem cheap to some. Several gas balloons, i.e. those filled with vodka or, in the United States, with helium (where, since the collapse of the Hindenburg airship in 1937, there has been a certain distaste for vodka), the world can be floated. What kind of high-profile sport can you imagine. Pesto The Gordon Bennett Cup is not a kind day for the forces of a handful of aerialists. It is a trap in which one can very easily lose one’s life. In this, he retained the character of the seduction piece from the full turn of the 20th century.

It’s a stamina trick. The winner is the one who gets the furthest from the starting point with the inflated aura. Compared to a hot-air balloon, whose flight takes several hours, vodka is able to keep a gas balloon in the air for several days. Always bad for time and geographically limited, but keep in mind that even those nights and those days can spend you in bed. Leton 65. ronk vt 18 posdek.

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Since the 90s of the last century, it has not been flown over the land of Russia and Belarus, where in the past the applicant was unable to guarantee the safety of the aircraft. In 1995, the Blorusovs set up the USA’s first balloon. This year, due to Russian aggression, the country of Ukraine is also banned.

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Otherwise, the bag mon lett over the whole of Europe. In the past years, we have witnessed many bizarre things. In Kupkladu, a strong northerly wind drove the starting field over the Mediterranean Sea. Several planes managed to hit Mallorca at a speed of 60 km/h, some of them were subsequently detained by the Algerian police.

It is not an exception that the crews will fly over the Atlantic, because their meteorological teams assume that it will be dark and in a few hours it will be over the continent again. Modern history also refers to the water pump, due to the sudden danger of the bug. Because it was the first lightning that managed to kill Gordon Bennett over the Adriatic in 2010.

Esk elzko in the fire

In summer, the Czech balloon Ondra starts with matriculation OK-2907 with American woman Cheri Whiteov, Marc Sullivan. Pilot in Command White’s flight is the only seductress, and thus she is the only woman who has acted as seductress so many times. Marc Sullivan, twenty-five years old, one of the true matadors of the world. The Ondra balloon is currently the only airworthy gas balloon in the Republic of Croatia. It is owned by pilot Milo Kov with his home flight of Kejlice u Humpolka, who supplied the balloon to the American crew for free.

Leton Ronk probably won’t be easy. The weather in Europe is influenced by the high pressure sun over the North Atlantic. In the last few seasons it was customary to start late into the night around 20:00 SEL. This year, the applicant hastily announced the change of the start to 16:00.

They were afraid of the bows and pods and wanted to take off before them, so that they could fly away safely, to the experienced pilots of hot air and gas balloons and Pohru member Jan Smrka. Mt those bows in the walls, that’s a joy.

A flight strategy is essential for the situation, where the meteorologist has the essential word. The weather can change dramatically within the continent, and pilots can fly in extreme weather conditions.

Roughly speaking, we have a strategy. I probably talked to those guys. Try to board and fly away as soon as possible. They will plant at least sometime during Saturday, at most on Sunday somewhere in the Balkans, if possible, adds Smrka.

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Thanks to modern equipment for tracking the position, as used, for example, in sailing ships around the world, the entire launch can be monitored online.

You can watch it here.

And it’s probably nerves. Even the clear favorite beat me in the last minutes. In the catchment area, where the area does not play a role, the kilometer units can be decisive in the customs equation. With seductress, we sing strong nerves and good penetration.

Update: According to the latest reports, USA-01 Whiteov/Sullivan decided not to start. It is possible that the cause is an insensible development of the period.

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