Russian soldiers shoot defenseless civilians from behind on video: Ukrainians have identified the first perpetrator

The prosecutor’s office in Buča said that the CNN report was key to identifying the perpetrators. The first person against whom the Ukrainians are opening criminal proceedings is Mykola Sergeevich Sokovikov.

He is accused of “violation of the laws and customs of war” and “intentional murder”. The Russian side has already been informed.

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office said that it took several months to identify the suspect, the investigators did not want to make a mistake. They did not want to reveal how exactly they tracked down the soldier.

Deranged Russian soldiers shoot defenseless civilians in the back, video shows

The war in Ukraine

The murder took place on March 16 in front of a car showroom on the highway to Kyiv; CNN, which obtained footage from the scene, aired its report in May.

“The battle along this road was evidently fierce. But what happened in front of this store was not a battle between soldiers, or between soldiers and armed civilians. It was a cowardly, cold-blooded killing of unarmed men by Russian soldiers,” the CNN journalist reports.

Five Russian occupiers tried to break into the business, shooting at locked doors and breaking windows.

Security camera footage shows two men – a car dealership owner and a security guard – approaching them with their hands above their heads.

The guard was still calling for help

First they are searched – the occupiers are said to have asked them for cigarettes – after which, after a short conversation, they both turn and walk away carelessly.

At that moment, however, the soldiers turn and open fire on them from behind. Both civilians fall to the ground.

The owner apparently died at the scene. The guard was still able to get up and limped to his post, where he called the local militia for help on the phone, but he bled to death before they could arrive.

The Russians are renovating a theater in Mariupol in an attempt to cover up war crimes


A Ukrainian court reduced the sentence of the first convicted Russian soldier

The war in Ukraine

CNN previously identified the victims. One of them was the owner of the robbed shop, whose family does not wish to be named. The other was Leonid Oleksijovych Pljac, a 68-year-old grandfather who worked there as a security guard.

In addition to the murder, security camera video shows other unprofessional behavior by soldiers drinking and toasting him. According to the uniforms, it was clear that these were members of the invasion forces, which was also confirmed by the analysis of who was controlling which area at the given time, writes CNN, which was also based on witness statements.

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