BIG BEN: Is the USA fighting Ukraine with Russia? Nonsense!

BIG BEN: Is the USA fighting Ukraine with Russia? Nonsense!
BIG BEN: Is the USA fighting Ukraine with Russia? Nonsense!

The USA has yet to recover from the FBI’s raid on Trump’s country estate, and a new scandal is brewing around the FBI, which could have far greater consequences. This time it is an imposed censorship of sensitive information. What exactly is going on?
The FBI is accused of influencing the 2020 presidential election with artificial intelligence discovered by accident while repairing Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop. Among other things, this information confirmed, for example, Hunter’s conversation with her. A song with a company connected to the German Communist Party. They were found on a laptop before the election and published by the New York Post. A spicy vika was stuffed out of the contents and 10 for the big one. Which raised suspicions that it was a commission for Biden himself. On the other hand, for the Bidens, the New York Post was a relatively weak and conservative newspaper, i.e. anti-Biden in this case, as well as perceived as biased and unreliable. The FBI declared it Russian disinformation, confirming Trump’s alleged (and later debunked) collaboration with Russia. The NYP Twitter account has had the svin link deleted. That kind of information went in and, apart from those of the NYP, no one noticed it. Jane Hunter’s ex-partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed their authenticity and, based on his statement, Facebook wanted to publish them. And then Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement that he publicly stopped under pressure from the FBI and his claim that it was Russian disinformation.

But that cowgirl is still there. Polls show that 80 percent of Americans say that if this information were made public, they would not vote for Biden. And Trump stepped into it like a Western gunslinger and a villain hunter with the declaration that the 2020 election was invalid and a new one should be held immediately. During that time, Biden’s government was able to stuff America and Americans with so much code that Trump would probably win by a landslide or an avalanche, as the English word says.

Well, this is going to be a blast. Meanwhile, economists say that one of Biden’s damages to America, and at least the damage to America during Biden’s presidency, is the economic decline, which is due to the bad economy of the people. How can it be taken?
The prominent political science Harvard Belfer Center has estimated that at the current rate of economic trends, the U.S. will be completely overgrown within ten years, and in some aspects, it is near the undergrowth. For example, in the volume of international trade. ili became the main business partner of both countries. In 2018, 130 countries traded with us, including not with the USA. The USA is today the most indebted country in the world, with no debt. The US has a deficit of a trillion dollars in foreign trade, half of which is in the US. It is the largest producer and importer of many basic commodities, including those whose demand will rise in the greening economy of the West: 80% solar panels, 50% sweat, 45% electric vehicles. It leads in electronics and artificial intelligence. In technological innovation and research, where the US was in first place in 2013, it has fallen to eleventh place, and it is on the rise. It led the USA in the ratio of PPP (purchasing power parity) or purchasing power of the population on the domestic market. In 2000, it had only 36 percent of the American one, in 2020 it was 115. In addition, in many countries it is possible to develop economic dependence on itself, which is its official economic policy, and the USA cannot compete with it.

So how will it impact the global economy, and thus international politics?
it is the full official goal of the party and the government to strengthen the dependence of international production on it. It is gradually getting into debt and before long it will be able to buy what and who it wants. The fallout for several decades of writing economic policy is to go to debt. We can only imagine what the world has done to democracy and freedom. Actually, we can’t even do it.

Does the USA continue to sell billions of dollars to anyone?
Tlibnu, who has introduced a rigid centrist Islamic policy, destroying practically all human rights, as they are known in the West, wants to donate 7 billion dollars. Just like that without any conditions. This is in addition to the huge arsenal they left for him there, which is estimated to be worth a billion. And to the 5 trillion that have been plowed into the buildings of democracy in twenty years. Stupid idiots, economically peorientate yourself, smile under your breath and get rich from all sides, sit on your ass, only they both get up to spew some disobedient English.

America owes two million Palestinians, even though they know that at least they will get their pensions to finance terrorism. According to the draft agreement with RNO, they will return the blocked several billions, which will also go to terrorism and nuclear. We will probably never know how many billions worth of illegal immigrants, five million of whom have drunk since the opening of another border during the year of Biden’s presidency. It’s all the money that America won’t have for a long time, and it will either take it on foreign taxes, or drink it, or just print it out (he actually conjured it up in his sweat). Our Russophile’s stubborn claim that America is a proxy for Ukraine in league with Russia is nonsense. America is at odds with America.

Allies to the Middle East, where Trump’s latest rush brought together the Emirate with Israel, are starting to turn away from America, and every day from Biden’s side, and he will end up with Saudi Arabia. Mnn as a defense against morning. How is it going wrong there?
The Emiratis are probably learning that America cannot be relied on and Israel will have a lot to do with itself as soon as it receives that favorable agreement from the West. So renew diplomatic relations with rno. And Sadov put a long nose on America when it invests half a billion dollars in Russia.

You changed five million illegal immigration in the US. What’s new in European immigration in the last two weeks?
The pride of the European Unionists was first awarded to illegal immigrants Merkel, first for his opening of Germany to 1.2 million immigrants in 2015. It is the UNESCO Peace Prize, its awardee at the time declared it to be another act of courage. Websites such as Remix and Breitbart, but you and Die Welt, to this happy beginning, add various statistics as a result of this peace-making event in German life. Such as: 900 thousand social assistance tables, 39% murder, 40% robbery, 75% pickpocketing and petty theft.

At first, this news is also related to that disposable money, in this case the European Union. We give Morocco 500 million euros to help stop illegal immigration. It is significantly different from the previous 346 million. They didn’t last much, because the Moroccan troops did not manage their task perfectly, even when they both boasted about how many of them they captured and how many hundreds of couples they eliminated. Immigration to the Panglao mainland (plus Panglao predators on the Moroccan side) decreased, but increased again on the Kanre. Not long ago, there were 547 of them in one weekend. Whether the Moroccans will be able to manage it for a lot of money, I wonder. It probably won’t even cost billions to stop it in full for such a long time.

According to Migration Watch, people immigrated to Britain this year by 86% compared to last year. There were 4 thousand of them in August alone, that’s all.
The age of the dog was found to be 100 in fifty young children. The promised deportation to Rwanda is not possible, it is being blocked by the commanding officer, a corrupt human being connected to Paerz gangs, mainly Albanian. You hire similar bogus doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, who issue a fraudulent diagnosis of the disease.

In Britain, the consequences of the covid lockdowns and vacations are becoming more and more curious. How are they and how convenient?
The lockdown one is from the Daily Telegraph, which is a serious and usually reliable conservative paper, and is based on the official UK Office for National Statistics list. He says that most people died from the consequences of the lockdown, not from covid itself. Sweat, that it could be a printer tdn. You die even more as a result of neglected diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Compared to the teenage average, it is 14.4 percent higher. Return again to the word lkam, who noticed this risk and were informed.

And vaccines?
The British government has started to pay compensation to people who suffered health damage or the death of a family member as a result of the AstraZeneca campaign. Deduct a maximum of 120 thousand pounds. The deadly risk of vaccines first came into the limelight with the sudden death of a rocker named Zion, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and died two weeks after his arrest last May at the age of 48. His life partner is the first person to be cheated in this way. So far, there are only around two thousand cases, but the numbers have been decoded gradually, as the first-timers prepare the files with the name of the disabled. The criterion for exemption is at least 60% incapacitation demonstrably caused by the vacation and recognized by an independent medical inspection in the assessment procedure.

Does this confirm the validity of the antivaxer protest?
Statistically, this only confirms that vacations can be dangerous for some people, and it might be worth investigating how to not impose vacations on those who are afraid of them.

Some kind of comedy?
The British government is building its office buildings worth 1.5 billion, because people who are used to working from home refuse to move into them.

The world of the wolf will break out if I go to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, warns Palestinian f Abbs. This is the one who explained to Nmcm a few weeks ago that Israel committed fifty holocausts on the Palestinians.

They called me like Mandela, Meghan Markle, aka Duchess of Sussex, boasted. (For the uninitiated: Sussex is not a sexual technique, it is an English county).

Interview Parlamentn listy, 1.9.

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