BORIS BRITSK: Where did the mistake happen?

BORIS BRITSK: Where did the mistake happen?
BORIS BRITSK: Where did the mistake happen?

It’s kind of nice that a year ago Boris Johnson saw himself at the height of political fame and raved about his strategic goal of saving millions of Britons from poverty and failure. He adopted the name of the movement from the 17th century as Levellers (Levellei), named one ministry the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities and put the head of his cabinet, Michael Gove, in its head.

Needless to say, as is typical for good old Boris, he never specified what he wanted to achieve under the banner of the English Obansk wolves. As for Minister Gove, he could only reveal that the aim is to raise the neglected north of England to the level of modernity and prosperity achieved by the south-east of England.

We will never know how they planned to see us, because Boris Johnson was forced to leave and fired Michael Gove before that.

It is interesting that Boris Johnson did not have to resign because of the policy he was actually promoting, because, as in the case of Leveling Up, he was only thinking.

Boris started with the slogan Get Brexit Done. Instead of drawing attention to the consequences of Brexit, the slogan presented the whole thing as a combination of practical measures with a focus on form rather than content.

As some of us pointed out a few years ago, the whole narrative about Brexit was built on a number of misconceptions and complete falsehoods. It is interesting that, with the exception of a single debate in the House of Commons, this issue was never seriously discussed in the framework of the parliamentary process, then on the national level with the help of mdi and local activists.

As a result, Britain plunged into a political-cultural conflict between Leavers (Brexit supporters) and Remainers (Brexit opponents). First they promised frost and then they promoted Project Fear. As for any other wolf, for the Oban wolf, it is true that its first sacrifice is true.

The problem with the report is that Johnson will not execute this wolf of the city in his departure. He was not forced to leave because it would appear that Brexit, at least in its current form, is not working. Apart from the small Liberal Democrat party, not a single prominent political group in England defends the worst aspect of Brexit, then its overthrow. Boris Johnson was not forced to resign even because of his policy of increasing military spending to the highest level since the 1980s.

Pinou Johnson’s case was not honored with weapons because of the flight to Ukraine. In fact, the opposition parties murmured and approved of this in shame. Johnson’s dubious handling of the covid-19 pandemic, at least in the potencies of the disease, did not contribute to his downfall. And many, including his political opponents, swallowed his boast that Britain is a leader among hundreds of people in mass prisons.

His economic policy was not the cause of Johnson’s death either. As Prime Minister, he was responsible for a very drastic reduction in national debt to generously finance Kurzarbeit programs during the pandemic and subsidize businesses affected by Brexit. His downfall was not helped by the fact that his policy of giving tax at its highest level for an entire generation was in stark contrast to the traditions of the Conservative Party.

In other words, Johnson was not forced to resign on the basis of his macro-political decisions.

They forced him to leave, gradually leaking at first about minor offenders, to whom he was punished scandinavian, a small slip, and the word scandal comes from them. One of his advisors broke the lockdown rules by taking the train to see his mother. Then she drank at first that Johnson’s Minister of Health broke the rules by hugging his Italian lover in his ministerial office. Then followed, at first, that the prime minister was represented by a party held in his official residence on Downing Street. 10.

The last straw that broke Boris’s neck was the appointment of Chris Pincher to the position of Deputy Overseer for Party Discipline by the Conservative Party MP. Johnson claimed he did not know Chris Pincher was wanted for sexual assault.

What is it all about? Do not think that this shows that there is nothing wrong with British democracy, when the prime minister is deposed not because of political failures, but as a result of small slips, who would Atan correct by patting the culprits with his fingers?

Boris’ saga underscores the decline of democratic debate in Britain today. Politics is reducible to slogans, their only element is winning elections. The fetishistic approach of my choice from a means to achieve concrete goals in the goal is about myself. The result is a short-termism that deprives Britain and other fallen democracies of strategic thinking.

Before Boris was forced to leave Downing Street, parliamentarians were then asking which of his future successors in the leadership of the Conservative Party could win the general election.

When it comes to Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, no one is asking what kind of policy he will offer, but whether he could win a parliamentary election. The obsession with elections and ignorance of real politics is influenced by daily public opinion polls, which experts and group leaders analyze and improve. Deleit is the process leading to the acquisition of power, not what to do after its acquisition.

Imagine if Disraeli, Gladstone, Thatcher and Blair based their every move on opinion polls and expert speculation about the election results. In this way, the fundamental reforms and socio-political changes would never have been implemented.

William Gladstone could be driven out of office by gossip about his nonch nvtvch Saint James Park. Benjamin Disraeli’s position could be tempered by complaints about the inheritance he was supposed to receive in an obscure way. It would have destabilized Margaret Thatcher when her closest political ally had a non-male child with her secretary. Tony Blair could be hurt by unconfirmed rumors that his wife, the prime minister, received a huge honorarium from a client with interests in the public sector.

Boris is a symptom of the ills of contemporary British politics, not their pin. As long as these ailments are not cured, anyone can replace Boris, end up the same as him or even die, without his charisma.

Britain needs a return to genteel politics, which means focusing on the real issues policenot on scandinavian it means real political problems and not a small slip.

Amir Taheri was the executive editor of the Kayhan newspaper in 1972 and 1979. He published eleven books and collaborated on ad publications. Since 1987, he has been a columnist for Asharq Al-Awsat.

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