Lavrov wants to fly to the US for the General Assembly. We still don’t have visas, Russia complains to the UN

The US State Department said that due to a reduction in the number of administrative staff at the embassy in Moscow, the issuance of permits has slowed down, the AFP agency wrote on Saturday. The UN says it is in close contact with US authorities and the Russian mission.

The letter, which was seen by AFP and Reuters, was sent by Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vasiliy Nebenzya to UN Secretary General Guterres. In it, Guterres is informed that none of the 56 members of the Russian delegation have yet received an American visa to attend the UN General Assembly. The same applies to Russian journalists or the crew of the ministerial plane that will transport Russian diplomats.

Moscow called on Washington to fulfill its obligations under the international agreement on the UN headquarters and issue the visas. However, the US State Department said that it is paying attention to its obligations. “Every year we process hundreds of visas for Russian Federation delegates to UN events,” the ministry said. But it added that the capacity of the US embassy in Moscow is severely limited due to Russia’s “unwarranted activities” against the embassy, ​​which has led to a significant reduction in administrative staff.

The UN Secretary-General’s office said it was in intensive contact with US authorities and individual national delegations and was discussing the matter.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov wants to participate in the debate in the UN General Assembly from September 20, but he is on the US and EU sanctions list. In addition, Russia claims that its diplomats had problems with visas earlier this year. Due to the non-grant of visas, the delegation of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, led by Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, could not attend the meeting of police chiefs at the United Nations.

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