In Russia, the last farewell to Gorbaev will take place, Putin will not stand up

In Russia, the last farewell to Gorbaev will take place, Putin will not stand up
In Russia, the last farewell to Gorbaev will take place, Putin will not stand up

According to Gorbaev’s daughter Irina, the last farewell will take place in the Sloupov sni Dom branch in Moscow, after which he will be buried at the Novodvim Hbitov, where a grave has been reserved for him next to his late wife Raisa.

Many high-ranking politicians, intellectuals, artists and other notable personalities were buried at Novodvim Hbitov. You can find there, for example, the grave of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov, Anton Pavlovia Ekhova or Nikolai Gogol. The first Russian president Boris Yeltsin or the former Soviet scientist Nikita Khruov were there. Half of the other Soviet leaders were buried near the Kremlin wall.

Before that, the final farewell to Nobel Peace Prize winner Gorbaev will be held in the Sloupov sni Dom branch in the metropolis, which in the past served many times as a place of farewell to high-ranking representatives of the USSR.

For example, the remains of the leader of the Bolshevik revolution Vladimir Ilya Lenin, the dictator Joseph Stalin and other Soviet leaders such as Leonid Brenv, Yuri Andropov or Konstantin Ernenko were exhibited there.

Gorbaev’s relatively inconspicuous behavior reflects the Kremlin’s concern over his legacy. While in the West the politician was widely criticized for, among other things, his view on the end of the cold war, in Russia many people lamented the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent economic upheaval of the country.

Putin returned to Gorbaev the full hundred honors that Yeltsin received after his death in 2007. At that time, Putin announced a day of national mourning and, together with world leaders, held a grand funeral in the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Now Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the program would not allow the president to attend Gorbaov’s funeral. On Thursday, Putin laid flowers at Gorbaev’s coffin. According to Peskov, the event will include elements of a state funeral, such as a state party and state equal assistance with its organization.

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