The FBI also found several empty folders for secret files in Trump’s office

The FBI also found several empty folders for secret files in Trump’s office
The FBI also found several empty folders for secret files in Trump’s office

The former American president was suspected of keeping documents after the end of his term that he was supposed to hand over to the American National Archives and other administrations.

An FBI inspector during a search in Trump’s Florida estate Mar-a-Lago in August found 40 folders for secret documents, but they did not contain anything. According to the AP agency, this is where the writings that originally contained the stanzas ended up.

The FBI thus confiscated a hundred documents classified as top secret, top secret, and top secret. The FBI thus took away 10,000 official documents, but they were not subject to secrecy. However, the list of seized items does not specify the contents of this file. The Ministry of Justice stated that the confiscated items will be sent to the investigation office for further evaluation.

Neither Trump nor his top officials commented on the information on the day. However, the former president denied that he would have committed any anti-first act.

teams tried to get secret and government documents from Trump in May of last year. This year, the National Archives found several dozen boxes, which also contained secret files. According to the FBI’s warrant for the search warrant, the inspector believed that the former president had not turned over the documents that night. The inspection was thus intended to clarify who and how handled the documents.

The Ministry of Justice’s investigation into the so-called presidential records that Trump was supposed to hand over to the National Archives after leaving the White House. These are official documents, Trump and his closest collaborators had access to them, as well as the ex-president’s e-mail correspondence.

The Ministry investigates possible violations of three laws, among others the act on spying, which prohibits the sharing of information about national defense, the act on concealment, lying or false information with the intention of obtaining information.

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