It works even without Musk. The controversial button will be on Twitter for a fee

It works even without Musk. The controversial button will be on Twitter for a fee
It works even without Musk. The controversial button will be on Twitter for a fee

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Every Twitter user knows that feeling. You write a short -⁠ and of course extremely inspiring and funny -⁠ text and publish it immediately. The reactions of others will not be long in coming. Your followers reply, give hearts or even retweet your tweet.

And that’s when you notice you’ve got a typo in your tweet. Thick in the word me/me. Or a bug caused by the predictive keyboard auto-corrections on mobile. But once published on Twitter, you can no longer correct it. The typo stays there permanently. At most, you can delete your tweet and republish it. But you will lose previous replies, retweets and reactions.

Why Twitter doesn’t want to allow unlimited edits

It’s no wonder the call for an “edit tweet” button is as old as Twitter itself. After all, other social networks have long allowed editing of the published text. But Twitter has always resisted this. From the beginning, it fulfilled a certain role of immutable capture of current events.

The way in which Twitter finally intends to solve the problem also corresponds to this. The ability to edit a published tweet will not be unlimited. This feature will be available to users only 30 minutes after the original tweet is published.

Photo: Twitter

This is how the edited tweet will look like.

The edited tweet will also be marked with a pencil icon and provided with the date of the last edit. After clicking, it will be possible to view the history of all variants of the tweet over time. According to Twitter, the main goal is the ability to edit typos or add hashtags.

“As part of this test, tweets will be able to be edited multiple times within 30 minutes of being published,” Twitter writes on its blog. “By tapping on a time, readers will be taken to a tweet’s edit history, which includes past versions of the tweet. Timeout and version history play an important role. They help protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly accessible record of what was said.”

For now, for employees and a few subscribers

For now, the feature is only available to Twitter employees who are natural early testers. But during September 2022, the test of the new feature should open to a group of Twitter Blue subscribers. Here, Twitter only launched in November 2021, and in exchange for less than five dollars a month, subscribers have access to some experimental and advanced features.

“The test will be limited to one specific country at first,” Twitter said, without specifying which country. “We will expand the test based on how and what we learn about how people use the Edit Tweet service. We will also be closely monitoring how the feature affects the way people read, write and use tweets.”

Will someone force Musk to buy Twitter?

Twitter admits that the Edit Tweet button is “by far the most requested feature.” This is what billionaire Elon Musk apparently bet on, when in April 2022 –⁠ then as the newly largest shareholder of Twitter –⁠ he jokingly asked his fans if they would like the ability to edit the network.

In response to this tweet, Twitter also went public

they are working on such a function. And no, they don’t have the idea from Musk. Just a few days before, Twitter wrote that it was working on the Edit Tweet feature. But that was on April 1, and many people logically considered it April Fool’s Day.

Likewise, Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter looked like a joke. Then suddenly it became a reality overnight.

The acquisition of a joint-stock company by an eccentric billionaire caused a tremendous uproar among employees and users. But as the weeks and months go by, this reality becomes less and less likely. In July, Musk called off the April deal, citing inaccurate numbers: According to an analysis by Musk’s lawyers, there are far more fake accounts on Twitter than Twitter originally reported.

However, Twitter is insisting that Musk complete the acquisition. It’s a seemingly illogical move —⁠ why force someone to own a business they don’t want to own —⁠ but there are billions of dollars at stake that shareholders would lose.

Musk recently came up with a new justification: on August 29, he officially accused Twitter of trying to cheat him. Specifically, he claims that the company’s board of directors did not provide accurate information during negotiations with him and concealed security issues.

In any case, getting out of the acquisition will not be easy. Musk has committed to her in an agreement, the breach of which could cost him dearly. Experts believe that eventually both sides will go to court or agree to some kind of financial compensation. Musk would thus “buy out” of the agreement, and with the current steps he is trying to reduce this ransom.

However, Musk’s move seems to have an energizing effect on Twitter itself. From April 2022, it communicates more with users about new features. In addition to the edit button, this is a recently introduced option Circle of friendswhich will allow certain tweets to be published so that only a select subset of followers can see them.

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