Putin honored the five-time murderer. A prisoner who fought in Ukraine

Putin honored the five-time murderer. A prisoner who fought in Ukraine
Putin honored the five-time murderer. A prisoner who fought in Ukraine

In 2013, the court sent Ivan Něparatov to prison for 25 years for murder, robbery, extortion, kidnapping and other crimes, the investigative servers Insider and Gulagu.net inform.

Between 2009 and 2010, near the city of Sergiyev Posad near Moscow, he murdered five people, some of whom were his debtors, some of whom died in robberies.

According to files available to the Russian-language server Insider, Něparatov is accused of threats, strangulation or murder, when he “kidnapped, beat and inflicted at least 88 knife wounds on the body of a debtor”, according to the press release of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. He also used police uniforms while committing crimes along with his accomplices.

He spent 12 years in prison and this year signed a contract with Wagner’s group and was sent to the war in Ukraine. Neparatov fell on August 5 near Bakhmut when shrapnel injured his head.

Then, on August 16, President Putin awarded him a medal for “the bravery and heroism he displayed while performing tasks during a special military operation.” Russia does not call the conflict in Ukraine a war, but a special military operation.

In recent weeks, Russian independent media have reported that in Russian prisons, convicts are being recruited for the war in Ukraine. Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is believed to be the owner of Wagner’s group focused on securing mercenary fighters, personally came to some prisons. Its members participate in the fighting in Ukraine.

The Insider has previously written about how Yevgeny Prigozhin personally recruits prisoners in Russian colonies and offers them freedom after serving six months in Ukraine. According to the convicts, Prigozhin does not hide the fact that Vladimir Putin personally authorized the recruitment of criminals for the war.

Wagner’s Army

The Wagner Group, sometimes written as Wagner, is a private “army” set up by one of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies.

According to the Atlantic website, “Wagner’s group functions as an undeclared branch of the Russian military. During military operations, mercenaries work alongside regular Russian forces and are awarded Russian military medals by Vladimir Putin himself.”

Prigozhin, who himself served time for robberies and involving minors in criminal activity, tells the prisoners that he “represents an organized criminal group that helps the Russian army” and promises the prisoners from 100 to 230 thousand rubles a month. He personally prefers to recruit prisoners convicted of murder, writes the investigative website.

The Russian-language service of the British BBC reports that Russian soldiers and volunteers posthumously receive the Order of Courage, while relatives of convicts who died in combat receive a medal, a lesser form of honor.

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