Zelenskyj: Winter in Europe will be hard, Russia is preparing an energy strike

“Russia is preparing a decisive energy strike on all Europeans this winter,” Zelenskyy said. “They are trying to attack with poverty and political chaos where they cannot yet attack with missiles,” he added.

Zelenskyy said this after the Russian giant Gazprom announced that it would not yet resume gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which is crucial for Europe. Moscow cites Western sanctions imposed over the invasion of Ukraine and technical problems that caused disruptions in energy supplies. European countries that have backed Kyiv diplomatically and militarily have accused Russia of using energy supplies as a weapon.

Gazprom: Nord Stream 1 will remain out of operation, it has defects

The war in Ukraine

According to some analysts, the shortages and rising cost of living as winter approaches threaten to weaken support for Kiev from the West, which is struggling to deal with a disgruntled population.

The G7 group of developed countries announced on Friday that they will introduce a price ceiling on Russian oil and oil products. The Kremlin has said it will stop selling oil to any country that imposes the limit.

G7 finance ministers agreed to cap Russian oil prices


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday that his government was anticipating a complete shutdown of gas supplies in December, but vowed that his country would weather the winter. “Russia is no longer a reliable energy partner,” Scholz said at a press conference in Berlin.

When work is tough, 12 degrees is enough. The German government ordered households and companies to conserve heat


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