Bild: The head of the German police union wants border controls with the Czech Republic

The paper states that according to the German government’s secret migration report, the number of migrants heading to Germany via the Czechia is increasing sharply.

“Secretary of the Interior Nancy Faeser should immediately order stationary border controls with the Czech Republic,” Teggatz said. He added that the transferors have created new routes that lead to Germany via Slovakia and the Czechia.

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This June, the federal police recorded 2,000 illegal entries into Germany via the Czech border, which, according to a government report cited by Bild, was 140 percent more than in June last year. In August, the police counted over 3,000 such illegal trips across the Saxon-Czech border alone. Migrants most often go to Saxony by train from Prague, or by the highway connecting Prague with Dresden, but they also use the A4 highway from Poland to Dresden. The report also states that Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis most often travel to Germany via the Czechia.

“This development is alarming and is another indication that the protection of Europe’s external borders shows significant shortcomings,” Teggatz said of the statistics.

The article is in Czech

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