Paleontologists have found the skeleton of the oldest African dinosaur in Zimbabwe

The discovery suggests that dinosaurs on the extinct supercontinent Pangea migrated for warmth and moisture and spread to the rest of the continent from the south.

They followed climate belts, not continental boundaries, in their migration, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

The drought has revealed another treasure: A dinosaur walk down an American river


“This species and the animals that lived with it probably existed in a certain type of environment in the south, in the territory of today’s South America, southern Africa and India, even before the division of the continents,” Christopher Griffin, one of the participants in the expeditions to Zimbabwe, told the BBC.

These took place in 2017 and 2019.

“They are the oldest known African dinosaurs, roughly matching the age of the oldest dinosaurs found anywhere in the world,” Griffin said, according to CBS News.

A rare find on a global scale

“In general, the oldest known dinosaurs from around 230 million years ago – from the Mesozoic Triassic period – are extremely rare and their fossils have been obtained from only a few places in the world, mainly from the north of Argentina, the south of Brazil and India,” added the researcher.

In Argentina, they discovered the first two-legged armored dinosaur from South America

Science and schools

According to renderings by scientists (seen as the cover image from the shared twitter posts above and belownote ed.) from the American Virginia Tech University, Mbiresaurus raathi had a bristle-covered back and a long tail. His nearly complete skeleton is now in a museum in southern Zimbabwe in the city of Bulawayo.

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