Polish opposition on trillions from reparations: golden eyes

Kaczyński’s assertion that obtaining reparations is a task for decades, and at the same time his half-hearted statement that they will not achieve this goal anyway, is strange to say the least, the server onet.pl wrote on Friday.

He also recalled the circumstances under which the most influential Polish politician submitted the request.

“PiS found itself in the biggest crisis since 2015, when it took power in Poland. The latest polls show that an increasing part of Kaczyński’s party voters are disoriented and disgusted. The key to winning the parliamentary elections next year is to wake them up from their lethargic slumber. A wake-up call may come if the program is adopted, in which the hard core of PiS will hear the shrill tones of anti-German propaganda that has been sounding in Poland for several months,” onet.pl portal reported.

Poland wants 32 trillion from Germany as reparations for the Nazi occupation


The portal natemat.pl identified the fact that Poland has not yet received billions of euros from the EU Recovery Fund as a major problem, because Warsaw has still not fulfilled its promise to Brussels to respect the applicable laws and the constitution.

“The Polish government is not reaching for the billions it has at hand, but prefers to talk about the trillions that Poland will never receive,” the portal pointed out.

Sikorski sees opportunities in Russia

On the other hand, Radoslaw Sikorski (59), member of the European Parliament for the opposition Civic Platform (PO) and former foreign minister, was surprised by his statement on TVN 24: “Compensation for the damage caused by Nazi Germany during the Second World War undoubtedly belongs to Poland, but from a legal point of view there is no chance to get them.”

According to the MP, however, there is a certain possibility of getting them from Putin’s Russia, in connection with the war that this country has launched against Ukraine.

Poland is considering restrictions on issuing visas to Russian citizens


“During the Potsdam Conference (July 17 to August 2, 1945) dedicated to the post-war organization and reconstruction of war-torn Europe, it was agreed that Poland would receive 15 percent of the reparations that the Soviet Union would receive, but the Soviets cheated us then,” Sikorski noted.

He added that, however, if Washington declares that Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism, which is suspected, Poland will be able to sue for part of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves in the amount of $300 billion frozen on the basis of sanctions announced by the US and other Western countries.

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