Liz Truss will become British Prime Minister

“Thank you for believing in me,” Truss said, continuing: “Now that I lead our party, I promise to deliver on everything I promised during the campaign. I will govern conservatively. I want to execute a bold plan. Reduce taxes, solve the energy crisis, fulfill tasks related to health care. I will make sure we use all the fantastic, brilliant and talented members of the Conservative Party.” She also promised a “big victory” for the Conservative Party in the 2024 election.

In a short speech after announcing the results of the internal party election, she also thanked “her friend” and outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He, in turn, called on the party members to support his successor. “Truss has a good plan to tackle the cost of living crisis and grow our country. It’s time for all Conservatives to get behind her,” said the outgoing prime minister.

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New British Prime Minister Liz Truss

The 58-year-old Johnson, who has been prime minister since July 2019, announced his resignation at the beginning of July under pressure from fellow party members and the public. He did so after several dozen members of his party resigned from government positions. It was Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid who started the wave of resignations.

Johnson is expected to resign on Tuesday, the same day Queen Elizabeth II. appoints a new British prime minister or prime minister. Truss will become that, according to the decision of the internal party vote.

According to many, the new cabinet will have to deal with the most difficult problems since the Second World War – the energy crisis, a significant increase in prices or still problems caused by Brexit.

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