Rottweiler in Downing Street. Trussov closed the long march to power

Rottweiler in Downing Street. Trussov closed the long march to power
Rottweiler in Downing Street. Trussov closed the long march to power

When Liz Truss was seven years old, she took on the role of Margaret Thatcher in the parliamentary elections. Only apart from the legendary truce, which in the same year led the conservatives to a historic victory, Liz was completely unmoved.

I grabbed the angel by the waist, spoke to her, but didn’t get a single vote. I didn’t even vote for myself, she recalled after a while as a prominent politician in an interview with The Scotsman portal.

A mere three decades later, she reached the very top of British politics: a fund of 200,000 lei.

She was born 47 years ago in Oxford to a family of a mathematics professor and a nurse. According to her, her parents were supporters of the extreme left and in the early 1980s they went to demonstrations for nuclear disarmament with little Liz. When she got her own mind, she rejected the prejudices of her family. She first joined the Liberal Democrats, after studying philosophy, political science and economics at Oxford she joined the Conservative Party.

Conservative leader David Cameron took note of her and chose her as a parliamentary candidate for the constituency of South West Norfolk, which she won in 2010. At that time, she contributed to the creation of the book Britannia Unchained, and together with other conservatives, she proposed the limitation of social regulation.

Ascending to Westminster, she was involved in a slow but steady progression through government institutions: under Cameron she was the Under-Secretary of State for Children and Long-Term Care, then she was named Minister of Environment and Rural Affairs, and under Theresa May she became the first woman in history to become Minister of Justice.

Colleagues know her as a tough woman with an innate instinct for politics, who stands up for what she wants and doesn’t tolerate mistakes. When bitten into a problem, the only difference between the Rottweiler is that the Rottweiler eventually gave in, one of their closest friends spilled his temper.

A condition for success in politics is the flexibility of the sheep, and this pattern was demonstrated in the Brexit issue. While before the referendum she was openly in favor of remaining, after the rise of the anti-European camp, she changed her view and started proclaiming that Brexit is the way to get off the beaten track.

She got the chance and didn’t take it very well: when Boris Johnson was appointed Foreign Trade Minister, Trussov concluded a post-Brexit free trade agreement with Japan and prepared a similar agreement with Australia on a large scale.

A year ago, the scandal-plagued prime minister rewarded her for her unwavering loyalty and made her foreign minister, of course, in order to send his support to the rebel Conservative Party.

In her new role, she drew attention to herself, for example, by a group of British troops stationed in Estonia, during which she drove through a tank. The conservative media quickly relied on the famous photo of Thatcher’s tanker from 1986 and began to speculate about her as a possible successor to Boris Johnson.

After the arrest of the wolf in Ukraine, she took a hard line and made sure that London began to be perceived as one of Kiev’s best allies. Points were also added to the release of two Britons from Rhineland, who were arrested in the spring.

Although she did not have a strong charisma and sometimes her behavior was rather harsh, she became the most popular minister in the Johnson government. She worked on her image for a long time through very active work with social media, her popularity was guaranteed by her libertarian views and her strong opposition to cancel culture.

And so, when she got among the final pair of candidates for the party’s chairmanship in a brilliant maneuvering process, many doubted that she would defeat any finance minister Rishi Sunak.

The elegant economist may have better recipes for taming inflation, but the parties never forgave him for handing his resignation to the Prime Minister at the most critical moment, and before his departure he was preparing his candidacy.

During the campaign, it came out to Truss that a few years ago, during a ministerial debate on labor productivity, she declared that the British should work harder. She thus drew attention to the question of whether French President Macron was a question or not. The jury did not decide to go, answered Trussov, much to the displeasure of the Elysian thumb.

In his case, the jury decided, so it is clear that Queen Albta II. in ter he takes over the Balmoral estate and appoints it the new prime minister.

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