Eight people did not survive the attack on the Russian embassy in Kabul

According to initial reports, the bomber was shot and killed by embassy security before he reached the entrance.

RIA Novosti reports that the incident happened when a diplomat was leaving the office heading towards people waiting for visas. The agency initially wrote that there were 15 to 20 dead and wounded at the scene.

“The man was identified as a suicide bomber before he reached the target, and he was shot dead by the guards of the Russian embassy,” said Mauláví Sábír, the commander of the local police district. According to his statement, the security consisted of members of the Taliban government movement.

There was a queue for visas in front of the embassy

An Al Jazeera reporter said the bombs exploded as a number of Russian visa applicants were outside the embassy.

A Kabul police spokesman said at least one civilian was killed and ten people were injured. He also said security guards recognized the man before he could blend into the crowd and shot him dead. The AP agency writes that it is not clear whether the bombs were detonated by the bomber or whether they were activated by gunfire.

Photo: Ali Khara, Reuters

A Taliban fighter stands guard after an explosion outside the Russian embassy in Kabul

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the explosion as a “terrorist and completely unacceptable act.” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the embassy had stepped up security measures and additional members of the Taliban’s security apparatus, including secret service agents, had arrived at the site. “Let’s hope that the organizers of this terrorist act will be punished,” the minister said.

The Taliban on American jeeps celebrated a year since the retreat of the Western allies


The terrorist organization Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. Its local branch has been escalating attacks against the Taliban and civilians since the Taliban regained power last year.

As Reuters reports, Russia is one of the few countries that kept an embassy in Kabul when the Taliban regained power last year. Although Russia has not recognized the Taliban government, it is negotiating with its representatives on possible supplies of fuel and other commodities.

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