I’m like a launch vehicle. Johnson made his last appearance in Downing Street

The prime minister, who is leaving office early despite his Conservatives’ triumphant election victory in December 2019, said on Tuesday that, like “a space launch vehicle that has done its job, it will now gently fall back into the atmosphere and fall into a remote region in the Pacific”. .

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Boris Johnson walks out the iconic door of number 10 for the last time

The British Prime Minister’s Office shared on its Twitter account on Tuesday

which Johnson and wife Carrie walk down the corridor of the Prime Minister’s Mansion to loud applause from officials and staff just before Johnson walked out the black doors of Number Ten and delivered his speech.

“Like Cincinnatus, I now return to my plough,” Johnson said in closing the speech, referring to the fifth-century BC Roman soldier and politician who saved the country from invasion and then “returned to the plough” on his own farm. However, he later returned to politics years later.

Liz Truss will become British Prime Minister


After a few minutes of speech, the outgoing Prime Minister, together with his wife Carrie, who shone in a pink dress among the darkly dressed and visibly moved Johnson’s colleagues, went to the Prime Minister’s Range Rover, where Johnson, for the last time as Prime Minister, posed for a photographer. He then headed to the British Air Force base Northolt near London, from where he flew to Scotland.

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Boris Johnson’s last time as Prime Minister

Johnson announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister in July after numerous political scandals resulted in a crisis of confidence of the British public in his person.

The chairman of the Conservative 1922 Committee, Graham Brady, on Monday announced the results of the internal party vote, which resulted in Liz Truss as the leader of the Conservative Party and the new British Prime Minister.

Britain is worried about its queen, Elizabeth II. will receive the new Prime Minister at Balmoral in Scotland


Trussová and Johnson are now heading to Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where Elizabeth II. He officially removes Johnson from office and then asks Truss if she is ready to form a government.

After being received by the Queen, Trussová as Prime Minister will replace Johnson in Downing Street in the afternoon and deliver her first speech.

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