We fight against the world’s Satanism. Kadyrov takes back his words about leaving

We fight against the world’s Satanism. Kadyrov takes back his words about leaving
We fight against the world’s Satanism. Kadyrov takes back his words about leaving

That day I came across a publication, it said that I have been in office for fifteen years and compared to the heads of other regions, I am at the top of the list. I thought it was really long and decided to find out. Later, however, I learned that I will not rule for such a long time again, and the record is twenty-seven years, Kadyrov wrote on Telegram.

It is not clear what record he is talking about. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, no one has ruled for such a long time in the autonomous republic, and before him, for example, the dictator Joseph Stalin, who lasted almost as long, would have defeated him.

Not even the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has been in power for so many years. And in the Republic of Greece itself, the longest-serving president is Mr. Kadyrov. He became president in 2007.

He declared that he had decided to break the record. Let’s see if I can do it, added the 55-year-old leader and son of the previous EU president Akhmat Kadyrov, who served in the same capacity only from 2003 to 2004.

Ramzan Kadyrov thus took back his surprising words from last week, when he said that he would take an indefinite break from his post. The announcement sparked debates as to whether one of Russia’s most senior politicians really wants to leave, or has returned to the Kremlin.

I’m skeptical about it. Things were similar in the past, said Ivan Klyszcz, an expert on the Caucasus from the Institute of Political Studies in Estonia. He added, “It’s more difficult for such a blind man to want anything from Putin, not least the purchase of support.”

Now, according to Kadyrov’s words, we can’t even go on vacation, because of a mole. At this critical time, Russia is fighting in the Donbass against global satanism, as it called the wolf on Ukraine, which was unleashed by the Russians a year and a half ago and in which the Yemeni troops were supposed to play a major role. According to the available information, they did not fill this position.

Actually, of course I can’t leave first. I like the people led by our region. My holy duty is to prove to them the correctness of this door. The only way to end it is to ask the people and the Russian president, Kadyrov continued, assuring the beast that he would postpone plans to leave indefinitely for the time being.

In Putin’s speech, Dmitry Peskov declared on Sunday that the Kremlin agreed that Kadyrov would remain in power, the Interfax agency reported.

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