According to Lavrov, the West is not adhering to its commitment to facilitate the export of Russian food

According to Lavrov, the West is not adhering to its commitment to facilitate the export of Russian food
According to Lavrov, the West is not adhering to its commitment to facilitate the export of Russian food

Moscow – The West is not honoring its promise to facilitate the access of Russian food products to world markets. According to the RIA Novosti agency, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated this today. At a press conference in Moscow, the head of Russian diplomacy also criticized incoming British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who, according to him, is not willing to compromise.

Lavrov said the West had not eased sanctions against Russia to allow easier access for Russian agricultural products to foreign markets. Moscow considers this commitment a key part of the agreement, which was brokered by the UN and Turkey, and which primarily helped to unblock the export of Ukrainian oil. In July, representatives of Russia and Ukraine signed agreements in Istanbul that allowed the export of Ukrainian grain from Black Sea ports.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres also declared in August that Russian fertilizers and agricultural products must gain access to world markets, otherwise, according to him, there is a risk of a global food crisis. According to the UN chief, countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have made it clear that these measures do not apply to food and fertilizers. Nevertheless, the sanctions had a “chilling effect” on Russian exports of fertilizers and agricultural products.

“Our Western colleagues are not doing what the UN Secretary General promised us,” Lavrov said. “They are not taking a decision to remove logistical sanctions that prevent free access of Russian grain and fertilizers to world markets,” Lavrov said.

Before the February 24 Russian invasion, Russia and Ukraine accounted for approximately one-third of global wheat exports. Russia is also a major exporter of fertilizers.

Today, Lavrov also commented on the change in the position of prime minister in Britain. According to him, the new prime minister, Liz Trussová, is not willing to compromise, and this will not help Britain on the international stage.

On Monday, Moscow commented on the election of Truss, who today succeeds Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, to the head of the Conservative Party with obvious contempt and even warned that British-Russian relations could worsen. He criticizes the politician, who until now has been at the head of British diplomacy, for her anti-Russian attitudes.

According to the head of Russian diplomacy, Trussova tried to “defend British interests without taking into account the positions of others” and without any effort to compromise. “I don’t think this will help Britain maintain or strengthen its position on the international stage, which has clearly been shaken after leaving the European Union,” added Lavrov, who also pointed to the politician’s recent statement questioning whether French President Emmanuel Macron is a friend or an enemy. “It should be a higher priority for Liz Truss to deal with her closest neighbors, including finally deciding whether President Macron is a friend or an enemy. This question still hangs in the air,” concluded Lavrov sarcastically.

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