Nuclear inspectors found damage near the reactors of the Zaporozhye power plant

According to the report, the inspection noted damage near the reactor buildings as well as damaged infrastructure. The IAEA says its inspectors have confirmed the presence of Russian troops and military vehicles and equipment at the plant.

Power plant under fire

The facility, occupied by Russian troops, has repeatedly come under fire in recent weeks, for which both Ukraine and Russia blame each other. It is still maintained by Ukrainian employees, but is under the supervision of Russian troops and experts.

Massive explosion in Ukraine’s Enerhodar


The plant’s reactors have been disconnected and reconnected to the Ukrainian grid several times in recent weeks.

The IAEA has previously said the mission aims to assess the plant’s physical damage, the functionality of safety systems and the working conditions of employees, as well as to take “urgent protective measures”.

Already after the initial inspection, the international team reported an evident violation of the physical integrity of the nuclear power plant complex.

The physical integrity of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant was violated, inspectors confirmed


More information about the war in Ukraine

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