He whispers in the morning. Reim hunting women without hidb, so put on the cameras

He whispers in the morning. Reim hunting women without hidb, so put on the cameras
He whispers in the morning. Reim hunting women without hidb, so put on the cameras

The Nboensk police took another breath with Rasho’s march to hell. And against those who in recent years have become accustomed to deploying the obligatory hib only very carelessly, I can intervene with its sanctification at will. The wave of arrests, detentions, beatings and forced prison sentences is proof of this.

The President recently decided that the 12th of April will be celebrated as the Day of Hidbu and Chastity. In the middle of August, he tightened the laws by introducing how men and women should dress. Now, for example, it doesn’t stop bleeding your hair. The neck and shoulders must also be covered. In the same way, women who post a profile photo on their website can be fined, as it is against Islamic tradition in the future.

Radio Svobodn Evropa then reported that, at that time, the members of the fight against the incorrigible Islamic dress announced to the employees of the Mellat bank, there are 1,400 branches throughout the month, that a new dress code applies to them. Women may not wear high heels or stockings to work.

Nazen also hit a male employee there. They cannot have assistants, only assistants. In the city of Mahad, on the other hand, the town hall has to prevent people from entering the public transport without a traffic jam. And public transport is also affected by the news reported by The Guardian newspaper.

Due to the fact that it is not suitable for hunting in the morning, cameras with the function of recognizing the face can no longer be used. He installs them in subway cars, buses and especially in other public places.

The Russian cabinet has been toying with the idea of ​​using face recognition to identify people who have broken the law for a long time. The regime combines violent old-fashioned forms of totalitarian control integrated into new technologies, according to Azadeh Akbariov, a researcher from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

In this context, the British bank is reminiscent of the fact that a few years ago, it began to introduce identity cards with biometric data. And the defenders of human rights are worried that they will be used not only for general identification of the population. In combination with the harvest from the cameras, they can be very useful when looking for deer without sound.

Fortunately, I have access to many areas. V, where people come from, and I am easy to find. the person from the viral video can be identified in just a second, the expert continues, saying that I have two clear messages: Don’t think that some small thing from the bus will be forgotten. We know who you are and we will find a vs. And you will suffer the consequences.

In the punishing regime of free-thinking women, help yourself to protect yourself. They verbally and physically attack women, they are not dressed according to their taste, and put them on. The videos then appear on social networks, just like the ones where women don’t let themselves be covered up and curse at the top of their lungs.

Bsnka Sepideh especially muili

Even these videos can’t help at all. The most striking symbol of the increasing repression was the twenty-eight-year-old Serbian woman Sepideh Rashnov, who was arrested after pictures of her traveling with fellow travelers began to circulate on the Internet.

The foreign woman Rashnov began to scold him for his inappropriate dress and threatened to send the video to the Ryn Revolutionary Guards. It was the first Day of Hidbu and Chastity. At first, in protest against the new holiday, many Reno women did not wear hibs, including the Rashnovs. During the incident, other passengers on the bus stood up, so the angry woman finally had to get off herself.

Rashna was soon arrested. And according to the human rights organization Hrana, they tortured her in such a way that she died in the hospital with internal bleeding. Protests for the woman’s release broke out not only in the morning, when she appeared visibly pale and weak on national television.

There, she confessed her guilt and apologized to her angry fellow passengers from the bus. According to critics, Piznn was forced. The woman spent two months in custody, and the day after the first court appearance, she was released on bail in the amount of 8 billion Rhine riels (roughly 4.7 million crowns).

He is accused of secretly conspiring with death to commit a crime against the security of the country, for which communication with foreigners was committed, and thus of propagandistic activity against the Islamic Republic and inciting people to corruption and prostitution.

Concerns about the tightening of ties in the Rhenish society appeared at a time when Ras began to be talked about as a possible successor to the liberal President Hasan Rhin. Standing head of state, he belongs to the conservative wing of Russian politics and is the first president to be sanctioned by the West before going to war.

In 1988, as a prosecutor, Ras was involved in the so-called Death Commission, which persecuted, tortured and murdered opponents of the new theocratic government during unprecedented trials after the Islamic Revolution. Amnesty International stated that this commission had at least five thousand people executed without any due process.

Ebrahm Ras is a true ideologue. rn led to terrible economic and environmental problems. The inflation rate should now be around fifty percent, but the government decided to move to the English first, according to Annabelle Srebernyov from the London-based Center for Rhenish Studies at SOAS University. And women see it as an easy task, he added.

Sepideh Rashnov became a symbol of the suffocating atmosphere in the spring, who appeared on national television, apparently pale, and confessed to her guilt. According to critics, it is particularly important that the person who was forced to appear was subjected to physical and psychological violence:

A woman who was yelled at on a bus in Tehran b/c of ​​her alleged “improper” hijab has now been slapped with charges including encouraging corruption and prostitution.

Sepideh Rashno is a poet and author who has committed no crime other than being a woman in Iran . سبيده_رشنو https://t.co/qxzs2MbEWj

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