Gordon Bennett’s play was opt drama. Finally, father and son met

The drain was stopped and ernomosk pobe Bulgaria. They spent dozens of hours connected to a cable at a height of around six thousand meters to get the right direction and speed.

Finnish map of the 65th edition of the Gordon Bennett Challenge 2022, the world’s oldest aviation challenge. The first year took place in 1906.

Before the sun went down, they saw the beech trees, which were about seventy kilometers away from them, and they were coming towards them, which is a rather depressing picture for me. That’s what the fighters are all about, that they got into it, because there was a threat that the bows would break off and they were on the edge of the hill at that moment, comments Tsn shortly after the start from St. Gallen Jan Smrka, a pilot and a former police officer, who was in contact with several people.

The starting field of the Gordon Bennett Cup 2022 in St. Gallen

As the first night progressed, the majority of the team toiled around the two-kilometer mark, except for the Austrian team AUS-1, which was the only one to climb over those kilometers, which was diverted by the others over the Alpine peaks. Jan Smrka comments on this phase of the lead, saying that the fifth favorite struggled at the back and tried to brake.

Posdka USA-1, which was supposed to take off with the gas balloon Ondra esk matriculation. Unfortunately, the bag did not start. According to empirical information, the crew decided to resign based on a combination of several factors: lack of equipment for a long flight over the Alps, technical difficulties with avionics, and perhaps also the postponement of the start by five hours two.

As a result, all crews, except for the favored French FRA-1, were launched over Saturday morning (3rd z). They began to rise and on Sunday the 4th, in the morning, they flew over the center of Budapest at the moment when the smoke of their co-seducers left it in the air of Serbia and Romania.

On the map you can see the French FRA-1 route being diverted to Budapest. This maneuver of favored darkness has raised a lot of speculation about his strategy.

Before noon, they reached about six kilometers above sea level! Many saw it as a strategic move. Especially after what this crew (Vincent Leys / Christophe Houver) did in 2017, when after a long window on a suitable Friday, they were the only ones to fly ten kilometers through the wide gap between the introduced country of Bloruska and Kaliningrad to the Baltics and to climb with a big jump.

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In the community after the game, there were also rumors that this year the seduction will end in the Czech Republic, so it is only you who will wait for the northern entrance. However, this estimate did not turn out to be correct. Just like last year, this year too, black hair became the hot dog.

When the Europeans (SUI-1) and the Germans (GER-3) flew together over the sea, at that time the French (FRA-1) flew at six kilometers, but they did not have such a speed there, and it cost a lot of ballast, because when then it was raining, so they sank down and whistled. Jan Smrka comments on the end of the French search for a VTZ aircraft.

Ko, in which the crew spent 61 hours there.

But let’s get back to the two stories that competed for first and second place. When we take into consideration the areas of Ukraine, Moldova, and Turkey from the air, this is a very tight maneuvering space. That’s why it’s worth noting the courage with which the Germans (SUI-1) and then the Germans (GER-3) went above the sea.

Detail of the maneuver of the Czech and German crews, which were launched above the sea, to later spin and whistle safely in battle.

The Germans had one joint meteorological team for the German balloons and it gave them the information that was available. And they used that space in the best possible way, says pilot Smrka of the GER-3 flight deck.

The city of the German airbase GER-3

Taking the place of the piston of the SUI-1 crew.

It can be assumed that they swam in the spring, i.e. with a local wind due to the long-term differences in water mass and land temperatures, which were used by sea swimmers in the Middle Ages. But enjoy it, when I have enough ballast (sand), the border is only twenty kilometers away, the wind gusts are around twenty five knots (46 km/h) and you are with me more than this night

Wilhelm Eimers after the important piston near the Bulgarian battle. The maneuver was complicated by bumps and 46 km/h high-voltage trains.

I spoke to Eimers this morning after breakfast. After midnight (on the 5th), they had covered five kilometers and had two hundred kilos of ballast left, so they were almost there. When they whistled, they probably only had one or two bags (roughly fifteen kilograms of sand), adds Jan Smrka.

From the left, father Wilhelm and son Benjamin Eimers, taking a flight of gas balloons

What Wilhelm Eimers and Benjamin Eimers performed can be considered a true masterpiece. There was only 22 kilometers between the first (1,572.36 km) and the second city (1,550.32 km), which in the heart of Europe is a bitter fact for the team. The accident near the coast, in addition to the changeable strong wind, was also complicated by a number of high-voltage power lines, as a German post on Facebook said.

From the left, Wilhelm and Benjamin Eimers above the surface of the black moe

It is possible to mention an interesting detail and the fact that a father and son made up the relative estate. As Jan Smrka points out, it was their kind together with Gordon Bennett. The first one ended in 2021, with the fact that they assessed the development of the weather as dangerous.

The Australian team deserves a mention too, although it was placed in eighth, i.e. penultimate place, but according to Jan Smrka, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it did not have the luxury of long flights with a gas balloon, as the favorite did before the Games. However, in about half a mile, the Australians circled the main Alpine ridge and shot in Maarsk.

Posdka USA-1, which was supposed to take off with the gas balloon Ondra esk matriculation. Unfortunately, the bag did not start. According to empirical information, the crew decided to resign based on a combination of several factors: lack of equipment for a long flight over the Alps, technical difficulties with avionics, and perhaps also the postponement of the start by five hours two.

Gordon Bennett’s play

It is the oldest airlift in the world. The first race started from Paa in 1906 and was supposed to promote balloon flight and air sports in general. Fly with gas balloons, which in Europe are usually filled with vodka, in the USA they are filled with smoke. The winner is the one who flies the longest distance from the starting point (namely, not by the length of the flight, but by direct distance). Hitm is the entire continent where the Pohr is held. In cooperation with the meteorological team, Posdky determined the most suitable strategy. The trick is to estimate the development of the entire continent in a few days. If you win one land in a row, the game in the land is closed and a new game is announced. Until then, the trophy is traveling. It always starts in the country of the previous year. The new host country thus has two years to prepare the pipeline. The Czech Republic was only represented in 2017 and 2018 by Jan Smrka as chief pilot and Ale Vaek as co-pilot. We provided more information on the history of the drain in this link.

Now it’s time, and everyone will meet again in the city of the start for a closed ceremony and the end of the summer sun. Gordon Bennett’s game is worthless, and the country, his team, wins in a row. In 2018, the Poles grew stronger. Vtzstv in 2019 and 2021 (the year 2020 did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic) suffered in the past. Yesterday’s desire for this relationship must have been all the stronger. The battle for the Pohr after last year’s German triumph continues accordingly.

17 teams from 8 countries competed in the Coupe Aronautique Gordon Bennett, flew across many countries for 3 days and nights from St. Gallen, Switzerland to the shore of the black sea. Congratulations to the winner GER-3 (Wilhelm and Benjamin Eimers)

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