You have nothing to say about the relationship between Turkey and the Czech Republic, Mr. Erdogan

You have nothing to say about the relationship between Turkey and the Czech Republic, Mr. Erdogan
You have nothing to say about the relationship between Turkey and the Czech Republic, Mr. Erdogan

Disputes were sparked by the two years of Turkish President Erdogan, who threatened Athens that the Turks could one night invade the Greek land in the Aegean Sea. What I am talking about is not a dream, Erdogan said on Tuesday.

The representatives of Turkish President Atna refused and pointed out that they are ready to protect the sovereignty of Greece. Czech Republic was supported by the European Union as well as the Czech diplomacy, which declared Erdogan’s words on Twitter to be very offensive and unacceptable insults.

In response to the declaration of Prague, which is the president of the European Union this half-year, Ankara stated that the opinions of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU institutions have no meaning or value for it. According to Turkish diplomacy, these positions fueled Czech anger, provoked rhetoric and international comparisons. According to Turkey, support from the EU strengthens the Czech Republic in enforcing its maximalist demands.

Tension between Turkey and the Czech Republic has increased in recent weeks due to military activities in the Aegean Sea. According to NATO, Turkish military aircraft have violated German airspace in 6,000 incidents since the beginning of the year. the German air force usually sent strikes to the Turkish planes. Ankara, on the other hand, took the position that its planes were missed by the German anti-aircraft defense. Turkey claims that Czechia is violating international agreements when it deployed its military units on some islands in the Aegean Sea, and insists on the demilitarization of this country. Don’t use the Atna bag for a long time.

Between Europe and Russia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Russia is limiting gas supplies to the European Union in retaliation for anti-Russian sanctions, and added that the EU is reaping what it has sown. The Reuters agency wrote that Europe is growing worried about winter after Russia announced that the main route for transporting gas will not be closed.

Russia unexpectedly stopped supplies to the EU through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and also limited the flow in other gas pipelines leading to the west.

Europe reaps what it sows, Erdogan told newspapers in Ankara on Tuesday. Putin deployed all his means and weapons, and the biggest of them is natural gas, he said. Think that Europe will be out of trouble in the winter.

In the last six months, the 27-year-old imposed a series of sanctions on Moscow due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We don’t have such a problem, said the Turkish president about the lack of energy resources in the EU.

Reuters noted that Turkey, a member of NATO, is trying to balance between Russia and Ukraine. Although it sent weapons to Ukraine, it did not impose sanctions against Russia and continues to trade with it, including its tourists and investments. Ankara claims that sanctions against Moscow would damage its economy, which is not in good shape anyway, and concentrate on the role of mediator between the entangled parties.

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