The Czech position on disputes with Greece has no value for us, claims Ankara

The Czech position on disputes with Greece has no value for us, claims Ankara
The Czech position on disputes with Greece has no value for us, claims Ankara

Ankara – Today, Ankara rejected the Czech Foreign Ministry’s statement that it supported Greece in its dispute with its neighbor. Prague criticized the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who indirectly threatened Athens with a military attack. Ankara responded by declaring that the position of the Czech Republic and the EU has no meaning for it.

The controversy was sparked by earlier statements by Turkish President Erdogan, who threatened Athens that the Turks could one night come to Greek territory in the Aegean Sea. “What I am talking about is not a dream,” Erdogan said today.

Athens rejected the statements of the Turkish president and pointed out that they are ready to protect Greek sovereignty. Greece was also supported by the European Union and also by Czech diplomacy, which

called Erdogan’s words “very harmful” and “unacceptable threats”.

In response to the statements of Prague, which presides over the European Union this half-year, Ankara said that the opinions of the Czech Foreign Ministry and EU institutions have “no meaning or value” for it. According to Turkish diplomacy, these positions ignore Greek threats, provocative rhetoric or violations of international law. Support from the EU, according to Turkey, confirms Greece in enforcing its “maximalist demands”.

Tensions between Turkey and Greece have risen in recent weeks over military activities in the Aegean Sea. According to Athens, Turkish military aircraft have violated Greek airspace on 6,000 occasions since the beginning of the year. The Greek Air Force usually sends its fighters to the Turkish planes. Ankara, on the other hand, complained that its planes were targeted by Greek air defenses. Turkey also claims that Greece is violating international agreements by deploying its military units on some islands in the Aegean Sea and is insisting on the “demilitarization” of these territories. However, Athens has long refused to do so.

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