The Netherlands, instead of advertising meat, wants to reduce its consumption

The Netherlands, instead of advertising meat, wants to reduce its consumption
The Netherlands, instead of advertising meat, wants to reduce its consumption

Haarlem, which is only a short distance from Amsterdam and has a population of 160,000, will introduce destruction from 2024, according to the Guardian. This is how the city decided when meat was added to the list of products that, according to experts, contribute to global warming.

Advertisements will be banned on buses, at stops and on advertising screens in the public. The move prompted comments from representatives of the meat industry, according to which the city goes too far when telling people what is best for them.

Recent studies indicate that worldwide food production is responsible for one-third of all global warming emissions. According to scientists, the increase in meat production causes twice as much damage to the production of plant-based foods.

Forests that absorb carbon dioxide are being destroyed for grazing. The fertilizers that farmers use to feed them are, in turn, rich in sulfur, which contributes to water and air pollution, climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer. The farm produces large amounts of methane.

A dream of consumption

Research by the environmental organization Greenpeace shows that in order to meet the European Union’s goal of zero emissions by 2050, it is necessary to reduce meat consumption to 24 kilograms per person in one year. Currently, the average is 82 kilograms. In the Netherlands, one hunter consumes an average of 75.8 kilograms of meat per year. The Netherlands is the largest importer of meat in the EU.

Councilor Ziggy Klazesov from the Green Left, who drafted the proposal to ban meat advertising, said that she had no idea that her city would be the first in the world to enforce this policy.

It’s not about what people cook and we’re in our own kitchen. It depends on when they will want to eat meat, Klazesov said, adding that they cannot tell people that there is a climate crisis, and at the same time encourage them to buy products that contribute. Of course, there are a lot of people who consider this decision to be encouraging and valid, but there are also a lot of people who think that it is in the wrong, the councilor said.

According to Klazesov, the city sent a signal. Politicians hope that the whole country will be inspired by him. There are many groups from the Green Left who think it’s a good idea to try it, she declared.

The damage thus applies to recreational flights, fossil fuels and cars that drive them. Pay starting in 2024 due to contracts with companies that sell these products and services.

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