Western sanctions threaten the whole world, but Russia has not lost anything, Putin assures

“After the epidemic came new challenges, which are also of a global nature and threaten the whole world. I mean the sanctions fever of the West, its aggressive attempts to impose its model of behavior on other countries, deprive them of their sovereignty and subject them to their will,” said the Russian president. He added that the US’s unilateral dominance in the world is a catalyst for the sanctions policy.

“The achieved level of Europe’s industrial development, people’s quality of life and socio-economic stability – all this was thrown into the sanctions oven in the name of the well-known Euro-Atlantic unity based on the decision of Washington,” said the head of the Kremlin. “It was actually sacrificed to save the US dictatorship in world affairs,” he elaborated.

One or two generations back. The secret document warns the Russian government of the deep impact of the sanctions


According to the Russian president, the closure of some businesses in Europe is due to the severing of trade ties with Russia. In a speech at the forum, he warned against the Americans. “When they pursue their own interests, they do not hesitate to achieve their goals,” declared the president of the country, which at the same time invaded a neighboring country militarily to protect its interests, according to its own rhetoric.

Putin also said that the logic of cooperation will eventually prevail, even though the global economy is now going through a difficult period.

We didn’t lose anything

Putin is convinced that Russia cannot be isolated, given its size and resources. He believes that the country has nothing to lose by war. “I think we haven’t lost anything and we won’t lose anything. From the point of view of profits, I can say that the main profit is the strengthening of our sovereignty,” said the head of the Kremlin.

We will not resume gas supplies to Europe until you lift the sanctions, Moscow said


He also repeated that, according to him, Russia did not start the war in Ukraine, even though it was Russian units that attacked Ukraine on February 24. According to him, on the contrary, Russia tried to end the hostilities that broke out in Ukraine in 2014. At the same time, Moscow openly supported the separatists who tried to separate Donbas from Ukraine. It recognized their self-proclaimed People’s Republics.

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