A plane carrying an Olympic medalist crashed in Slovakia, and caught fire after falling

“We immediately sent paramedics to help. The injured, who suffered 2nd degree burns, was loaded into a car by the witnesses of the accident and headed to the hospital. The ambulance crew took over the injured, treated and transported him to the hospital,” said Alena Krčová, a spokeswoman for the rescuers.


“The man suffered burns to his face, upper and lower limbs. Burns cover a total of 30 percent of his body surface. The patient is stabilized. His burns were treated in the trauma surgery operating room,” said Lenka Záteková, spokeswoman for the hospital in Žilina.

A car collided with a plane in Hořovice

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“The cause of the plane crash is under investigation,” the Slovak police said on the social network.

The Markíza television website tvnoviny.sk reported that Židek was sitting in the plane together with his brother, who got out of the wreckage after the crash. “Radoslav Židek remained wedged in the machine,” the website tvnoviny.sk reported. The plane crashed on the roof of the stable and caught fire.

Židek won a silver medal in snowboard cross at the 2006 Turin Olympics. He became the first Slovak medalist at the Winter Olympic Games in the era of the country’s independence.

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