The grilling of German Chancellor Scholz resulted in a heated argument over energy

“You are not keeping your own promises, Chancellor,” declared Friedrich Merz, head of the coalition of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister Christian Social Union (CSU).

“This federal government lacks a compass, the ability to think politically and strategically,” he continued. According to Merz, people could see how powerless the government is during the economy minister’s speech on Tuesday. “We can only hope that most German businessmen are already asleep,” he said, referring to the minister’s appearance on television.

Merz quipped that Scholz’s government had done a masterstroke by deciding to keep two of Germany’s last three nuclear power plants in standby until the spring instead of keeping them all in operation. Towards the end of the year, Germany planned to withdraw from nuclear energy. According to Economy Minister Robert Habeck, all reactors will indeed be disconnected from the grid, but at the same time two nuclear power plants will be kept in operational reserve for possible critical situations.

Germany will keep two nuclear power plants in reserve, the minister decided


“Stop this madness in your coalition while we still have time,” Merz said. He said that the last three German nuclear power plants are the most modern and safest in the world, so it is necessary to keep them fully operational for the time being in order to have enough electricity and lower its price.

“You have stepped out of everything, but you have not stepped into anything. You were inept at building renewables. You prevented the construction of every wind farm,” Scholz objected. He said that Germany keeps nuclear power plants in reserve as a safety measure. He recalled that due to gas savings, the country has reactivated backup coal-fired power plants and is rapidly promoting the construction of renewable energy sources.

“We have passed laws that will accelerate the construction of offshore and onshore wind farms. And we will adopt even more laws to support them,” said Scholz. “If we behaved as irresponsibly as you do with the gas reservoirs, we wouldn’t be 85 percent full today,” he said.

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