OVERVIEW: Czech companies that left the Russian market

Skoda car

The automaker and the entire Volkswagen concern, of which it is a part, announced at the beginning of March that they would stop all activities in Russia due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Škoda Auto produced its cars in Russia at two plants of Volkswagen Group Rus from the Volkswagen concern, namely in the cities of Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod. The export of vehicles to Russia was also stopped with immediate effect.

In July, the Russian newspaper Vedomosti reported that the Volkswagen Group wanted to sell its assembly plant in Kaluga.

The Orkla Group

Orkla, which owns the Hamé and Vitana brands in the Czech Republic, announced on March 11 that it will terminate the operation of its company Hamé Foods ZAO in Russia.

One or two generations back. The secret document warns the Russian government of the deep impact of the sanctions


Old source

The company said in early March that it had halted exports to Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops.

Pilsner Urquell

The company announced in early March that it would not accept any orders for its products from Russia, which was among the export markets for the Pilsner Urquell and Velkopopovicky Kozel brands, due to the war in Ukraine. The same decision also applies to Belarus.

Nymburk Brewery

The brewery said in April that it has not been supplying to the Russian market, which was one of the brewery’s larger foreign markets, since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Russian stores are still full of European beer. Kozel or Krušovice are also available



In early March, the Jindřichohradecky liqueur company, which belongs to the Russian Ladoga group, stated in a press release that it had suspended deliveries to the Russian market. The company exported 15 percent of production to Russia, which is 70 percent of all exports.


The Jablonec security equipment manufacturer announced shortly after the start of the Russian invasion that it had blocked data services for users in Russia and Belarus. Jablotron also halted sales in those countries and called on its clients in Russia to oppose the invasion of Ukraine.

Albatros Publishing House

The publishing house announced at the end of March that it had suspended business with Russian and Belarusian entities. In the case of these countries, it does not even want to sell or buy licenses. The publishing house also stopped cooperation with Russian authors who expressed support for the regime of President Vladimir Putin or directly for Russian progress in Ukraine.

PPF and Home Credit

PPF and its subsidiary Home Credit announced on Wednesday 7 September that they have completed the sale of their 100% stake in Russia’s Home Credit & Finance Bank (HCFB). A group of individual investors gained control over the company.

PPF and Home Credit are definitely leaving the Russian market



The Czech manufacturer of hot tubs and thermal pools, a family company from Dolní Dobrouč in Orlickousteck, announced in April that “with the start of the invasion of Ukraine” it had stopped exporting to Russia and Belarus.

West Media

In connection with the war in Ukraine, the company, which is the operator of the DinoPark network of amusement parks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Russia, decided in March to cease operations in the Russian Federation with immediate effect and to close DinoPark Belgorod, which had been operating there since 2017.

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