The Ukrainians also struck surprisingly near Izjum, advancing quickly and aggressively

The Ukrainians also struck surprisingly near Izjum, advancing quickly and aggressively
The Ukrainians also struck surprisingly near Izjum, advancing quickly and aggressively
  • Where exactly did the Ukrainians attack, what are the threats to the Russians and what do the Russians say about the new method of attack.
  • The former commander of US troops in Europe comments on the Ukrainian offensive and predicts its development.
  • What’s new at Kherson – the outcrop at Davidiv Brid is slowly growing.
  • What chemists say about whether it is possible to determine what has exploded by the color of the smoke.
  • What doctors say about the Russian video with the alleged corpses at Enerhodar and what was actually on it.
  • Maps of the day – offensives at Kherson and Izjum
  • Videos of the Day – Withering and Disaffected Dictator Putin; a sad video of a Russian school turning children into zombies; The Russians also made zombies out of Ukrainian soldiers; when a tank meets a self-propelled howitzer.

We present a summary of the situation on the Ukrainian battlefield compiled from information from various defense ministries and independent analysts.

The information in this text is a summary of the results of the fights from Tuesday, September 6. The current status in some places may already be different.

An overview of confirmed losses is at the end of the article.

Good and even better news from the battlefields. When watching war, there are days to beware of over-optimism, as only good news and even better news is pouring in from the front. This is just such a day. Maybe even the best since the Russians started fleeing the north of Ukraine.

Since August 29, there have been encouraging reports of a counter-offensive near Kherson, but on Tuesday afternoon and early evening, even more promising rumors began to flow about a new successful Ukrainian attack in the Kharkiv region. After the night, it is clear that this is not an insignificant episode, but an operation that has the potential for great things.

It is most likely that the Ukrainian army took advantage of the situation when the Russian one withdrew its troops from the east to the south to Kherson to stop the attacks there, thereby dangerously weakening its lines. The Ukrainians went through them unprecedentedly quickly and smoothly.

Izjum is back. It has been many weeks since Izjum and its surroundings have been the main character of this series. Since then, there have been sporadic reports that the Ukrainian army is building positions in the forests to the west and southeast of the city, but each time they have been quickly forgotten. But now it is necessary to brush up the maps of this area, because Izjum has become the center of events again. However, it no longer represents a threat, but a hope.

There was always a chance that the Ukrainians would try a counter-offensive right here, but when it really started yesterday, it was a surprise after all. And hers is also a surprise for now

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