Stop This Madness – The Invisible Dog

Stop This Madness – The Invisible Dog
Stop This Madness – The Invisible Dog

The word frenzy comes up a lot in connection with energy, usually in conjunction with green frenzy. Usually it is in the so-called dissenting statements, here on Psu you must have encountered it often. Other words such as challenge, ambitious plan and opportunity appear in politicians’ speeches. Insanity was also recently discussed in Germany, where green ideology flourishes the most. “Stop this madness in your coalition while we still have time,” CDU-CSU chairman Friedrich Merz called on the government and Chancellor Scholz in particular. He reacted to the government’s recent decision in the style of a smart burner that the last three (of the former 24) nuclear power plants scheduled for closure will have different fates, one will indeed be closed by the end of the year and two will be kept in reserve, as if for Uncle Příhoda. A truly grotesque notion that a nuclear power plant is something like a petrol lighter in my pocket in case the matches run out. “The last three German nuclear power plants are the most modern and safest in the world, so it is necessary to keep them fully operational for the time being so that there is enough electricity and its price drops,” Merz raged.

He should have roared as long as there were 24 in service, but I’d be late to the chase.

Energy ministers are coming to Prague to discuss the current desperate situation. They will certainly deal with the main thing, namely the survival of the economy and the situation of the population, however, the issue of full rehabilitation and maximum support for emission-free nuclear energy is on the agenda, and the ministers will behave irresponsibly if they continue to behave as they have until now and only recite the mantra about challenges and ambitious programs to be world leader in clean energy. In addition, the rehabilitation of nuclear energy is a very long way to go, and the question is whether Europe as a technological unit has not lost the ability to run this discipline.

In connection with the negotiations of the ministers of energy, the Chamber of Renewable Resources draws attention to itself. Its boss Štěpán Chalupa appeared before the public with reasonable demands – he calls for the removal of bureaucratic obstacles, which are to blame for the fact that the preparation of the construction of a community solar power plant can easily take ten years. The efforts of the RES Chamber can be crossed. However, doubts still creep into the mind.

Okay, we’ll have solar on every roof and a windmill behind every threshing floor. os those swings, when the sun rises above all the roofs and the wind blows at all the windmills? Will we discharge the produced electricity into the ground somewhere, like the Russians burn gas that did not pass through the stopped Nord Stream 1 pipeline?

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