We are witnessing the demise of Russia, says the former commander of the US Army in Europe

“I believe that the American war effort in this conflict should focus on the ‘de-imperialization’ of Russia. It seems to me that we are witnessing the beginning of the demise of the Russian Federation in its current form. We have to be ready for it… We were not ready for the collapse of the USSR,” Hodges wrote on Twitter.

The 64-year-old retired lieutenant general, who currently works as an analyst at the Center for the Study of European Politics (CEPA), was responding to a tweet by former US envoy to NATO Kurt Volker. He said on Sunday that the Russian imperialist wars started with the aggression in Georgia.

How specifically Russia’s “de-imperialization” should take place or look like, or what role the United States should play in it and why, Hodgers did not elaborate. However, he repeatedly comments on the fate of Russia and does not bode well for him.

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The war in Ukraine

The fall of Russia promises to be long-term

For example, the retired American general spoke about the impending disintegration of Russia already in August. “I completely disagree with the premise that the Ukrainians have no chance of pushing the Russians away. I think the Russians are exhausted. Their logistics network is exhausted. I believe that if we deliver to them (the Ukrainians) what we promised, Russia will fall apart and the Ukrainians will drive them back beyond the February 23rd border by the end of the year,” Hodges said in an August interview with Times Radio.

However, a retired American general had similar visions already in March. “Russian generals are running out of time, ammunition and human resources. This is not based on any inside information from intelligence, it is clear from open sources and my own experience. I could be wrong, but I’m confident in this estimate,” Hodges claimed about a month after the invasion began.

The Russians don’t have time, ammunition or people. The next 10 days will decide, says the American general

The war in Ukraine

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