In a meeting with the Chinese president, Putin praised China’s approach to the invasion

Even after the start of the war, China maintained trade relations with Russia and did not impose sanctions on it compared to the West.

“We highly value the balanced positions of our Chinese friends on the Ukrainian crisis,” Putin said. “We understand your questions and doubts on this matter,” he added.

Putin also plans to meet the leaders of Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and India at the SCO summit. According to his adviser Yuri Ushakov, Putin was going to talk with the Chinese president mainly about the war in Ukraine.

According to Ushakov’s statement, citing the Russian TASS agency, China explicitly states that it understands the reasons that forced Russia to launch a “special military operation”, as the Russian regime calls the war in Ukraine.

In April, the Chinese president announced the creation of a global security initiative in response to the formation of the Quad grouping led by the US, Australia and India. The Quad responded to China’s growing influence in foreign policy. However, the Americans blame Xi Jinping for giving space to Russian propaganda justifying the invasion of Ukraine through the new initiative.

Putin also explicitly supported China on the issue of Taiwan at the summit, according to Reuters. China has been conducting large-scale military exercises around the island in recent months after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited it.

Taiwan’s government rejects China’s territorial claims.

“We intend to firmly adhere to the ‘one China’ principle,” Putin said on Thursday. “We condemn the provocations of the United States and its satellites in the Taiwan Strait,” he said.

The US wants to supply Taiwan with billions in weapons. Beijing threatens


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was created at the initiative of Russia and China as a counterweight to the influence of the United States. Her summit in Uzbekistan on Thursday was the first foreign visit for the Chinese president since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic two years ago, and at the same time the first meeting with Putin since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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