VIDEO: Execution, movement in hometown, promise to recruit Wagner family

VIDEO: Execution, movement in hometown, promise to recruit Wagner family
VIDEO: Execution, movement in hometown, promise to recruit Wagner family

I just want a dern unit. Those who go together, those who are the most energetic, sing better, to the widely discussed name of an oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the minimum age for joining the army is 22 years, the maximum age is 50. However, an exception can be made.

According to Prigoin, the convicts will be released to Ukraine after serving half a year, but they can stay with Wagner’s company as long as they like. He promises the dead that they will be buried in their hometowns as heroes.

On the contrary, according to Prigoine, desertion is the worst thing: No one retreats, no one retreats, no one gives up… Those who come and say on the first day: Where did I get to, are declared deserters and the execution follows.

The first prisoners who fought with me was on the 1st of June at the Vuhlehir thermal power station. thousands of him from St. Petersburg, the regime, recidivism, if he didn’t enter the ditch, they killed him with knives. The dead, the seven wounded. One of the dead was 52 years old, ten of them sat down. He died a heroic death, said Prigoin.

The information that Prigoine’s personal drive was recruiting for the Russian army came to her twice. According to the American Institute for the Study of Wolves (ISW), the businessman began promoting himself as a special military operation, as Moscow officially calls the invasion of Ukraine.

Prorut soldier blogs constantly praise Prigoin’s tax rushes and some even claim that he should replace the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Oigu, who is to blame for the recent massacre in the Kharkiv region.

Prigoin also indicates in the video that he is the real owner of Wagner’s company, namely the Ukrainian server RBK-Ukraine. Thus, he deduces from the vrok, the evoldnsk battle groups have planes, rocket launchers and tanks.

According to the server, the so-called Wagnerites managed to recruit more than a thousand people in Russian institutions, who agreed to go to Ukraine in return for the promise of subsequent release. Rut convicts are thus often used by the occupied government to control the population in the occupied countries, added the server.

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