Corvette Biden graced the auto show in Detroit, confirmed billions on electricity

Corvette Biden graced the auto show in Detroit, confirmed billions on electricity
Corvette Biden graced the auto show in Detroit, confirmed billions on electricity

The president of the two said that he supports the efforts of car companies to switch to electric models. The first nine hundred million dollars (twenty-two billion crowns) were released for the construction of charging stations in fifty-five hundred, said Biden. This is the first hundred financing out of a total of five billion dollars, with which the infrastructure support law was approved last November. The total investment in the modernization of American infrastructure should reach one trillion dollars (about twenty-five trillion crowns).

Biden calls himself a car geek and owns a Corvette Stingray from 1967. At the auto show, he also visited the car company Chevrolet, where he was greeted by General Motors (GM) car editor Mary Barraov and GM president Mark Reuss, or Chevrolet is part of the group. Right after that, Biden got into an orange Corvette Z06. He also tried electric cars Chevrolet Silverado EV, Ford E-Transit and Cadillac Lyriq. From the front seat of the electric Lyriq, he told the newspaper: It’s a beautiful car, but I love the Corvette, I have the Autoweek magazine.

kal, es tem leaves home, joked Barraov, with whom Biden also tested the new Chevrolet Silverado electric model. Production of this all-electric General Motors pick-up will begin in the beginning of the year.

Vm, e meme mt control the future of the car market. Know that you are in control of the future of work. Americk vroba is zpt. Detroit is zpt. America is back and we are proving that it is never, never, never a good idea to go against the American people, Autoweek quotes Biden. We have decided to build a better America, an America that is fighting the climate crisis with American bonds leading the way, he added.

Half of the new cars that the largest Detroit manufacturer puts on the market run on gasoline and diesel.

The electric car market is dominated by Tesla, which produces all electric cars not the largest traditional American automakers, i.e. GM, Ford and Chrysler, respectively Stellantis. Recently, however, the White House has not expressed satisfaction over investments in battery factories and charging infrastructure, which are carried out by American and foreign companies in the United States.

Autoweek reminds that the goal is to create a total of half a million filling stations. Biden added: The great American road trip will be fully electrified, and you’re driving along the way or here in Michigan on I-75.

Ali Zaidi, adviser to the White House on climate protection issues, told Reuters that car manufacturers and battery companies announced investments worth a billion dollars (319 billion crowns) in the production of electric cars and related accessories this summer. According to him, these companies accelerate their investment in the USA.

The answer is clear and the future, fully electric transportation industry will be established in America, said Zaidi.

The American president recalled how, since his arrival, large companies such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, General Motors or Panasonic have announced investments in electricity, batteries and chargers totaling approximately eighty-five billion dollars. Among other things, there was an acceleration in 2022, when 10 billion was invested only in electromobility (triple compared to 2020), twenty billion in batteries (almost ten times as much) and 700 million in charging the system. Investments in manufacturing activities related to electronics alone amounted to 106 billion over the past three years, and 148 billion for accumulators. In this way, Biden highlighted another strong bond of his administration: compared to 2020, purchases of electronics by various governmental organizations in 2021 more than doubled, and in 2022 they increased fivefold. In addition, last year the president signed a ban on the purchase of internal combustion cars for the state starting in 2027.

The US Department of Energy announced in April that it is ready to buy two and a half billion dollars from Ultium Cells, which is a joint venture between GM and LG Energy Solutions. Ultium wants to use the pension to build a pipeline for the production of lithium-ion battery lines.

Last August, Biden set a goal for half of all new cars sold in the United States to be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2030. This goal is also supported by the largest car manufacturers from Detroit. The mayor of the city, Mike Duggan, said that the summer of the Detroit auto show due to the pandemic, for the first time since 2019, the shift of American automakers from internal combustion engines to electric mobility will be more expensive.

I think you will see how the car companies from Detroit will overtake Tesla and how they will compete with the Chinese manufacturers, who are so far ahead with electric cars, the mayor told the newspaper at the beginning of the auto show.

At the site of the Ford Motor company, Biden met editor Bill Ford the Younger, who is the great-grandson of the company’s founder, Henry Ford. The main and actually the only real and liveliest news at the Detroit Auto Show is the new generation Ford Mustang. The icon offers the features of the most famous pony cars, big muscular American coupes, and this time it arrived with an eight-cylinder engine under the hood and rear-wheel drive.

Then he stopped by the car stand of the Stellantis group, where general editor Carlos Tavares showed him the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV.

The Detroit auto show lasts until the 25th. Logically, it should bring news and exhibitors to Michigan, but it was not in the days of frost in January, i.e. its historical date. The organizers added a lot of new events to attract newcomers and entertain them, according to Autoweek. He cautions that the list of car manufacturers that will present their new products is rather short. The list includes only the big producers, and the only one in the list is the famous premiere. European manufacturers will not appear, with the exception of Stellantis, who will exhibit only their American signs at the car dealership. Chrysler, Jeep, Chevrolet, Lincoln and Ford play the main role.

General Motors, Ford Motor and Stellantis are known as the big three from Detroit, i.e. the famous and traditional car manufacturers. Initially, Chrysler was among them, but together with the Italian car manufacturer Fiat and the French PSA Group, it became part of the Stellantis group.

Before covid hit, the auto dealer association worked to regenerate the Detroit auto show, according to Autoweek. NAIAS 2022 wants to move towards its end as a trade-in building for consumers with the aim of encouraging them to buy a car. The applicant stated that if the car show receives a million visitors, they will be very satisfied. In 2019, the number of visitors reached seven hundred thousand for the last time, which was much less than in the great years.

New Ford Mustang

Bill Ford unveils the new Ford Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show

Ford presents the new Mustang, it is a refined version of the current model.

One of the most famous cars in the world comes again in Fastback and Convertible (cabriolet) versions. The chassis, aerodynamics, interior, multimedia, equipment and eight-cylinder five-liter engine have been fixed.

The best-selling sports coupe in the world has been reworked with a digital cockpit, an improved V8 engine and a fresh design, sums up Ford and promises that the seventh generation will be the most diesel-free model in the history of the Mustang, which has sold over ten million units in 58 years.

Investing in the next generation of Mustang at a time when many of our competitors are abandoning the production of cars with internal combustion engines sends a strong signal, said Jim Farley, general editor of the characters. Since 2014, when the last new model was introduced, the Mustang has become the best-selling sports coupe in the world.

Ford relies on online technologies, special models and hybrid variants of its most profitable and most popular cars, all of which are from the Ford Blue family, for its growth in the area of ​​vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine, and it is also investing 50 billion dollars in electromobility by 2026, including the Farley in particular.

In addition to the improved hardware, software and nice touches, there is also a new 5.0 V8 engine of the fourth generation, which provides better response and performance. This is the sportiest and most comfortable Mustang to drive, promises Ed Krenz, designer of the Mustang series. The all-new Mustang GT received a new dream with two intake ducts and two mole flaps. This reduces suction losses to a minimum and allows the flow of air to flow. Krenz remembers that the Mustang will be next to me with both an automatic and a manual. The Mustang GT will offer a choice between a ten-speed automatic and a six-speed manual transmission. The response of the women was glued by the limited vl between the steering wheel and the tires. For the car’s agile reactions to instructions, the idea of ​​a straight-to-steer female transmission, the designer describes.

A new function is an active response to bugs, which continuously monitors the suspension, bodywork, tires and brakes and adjusts the chassis behavior accordingly.

The standard performance package includes 19-inch light-alloy wheels, a sports limited-slip differential, 19-inch Brembo brakes and an intake with an active valve that changes the sound of the engine depending on the driving situation. The supplied active chassis monitors the conditions a thousand times per second and regulates the shock absorber with the help of electronic fluid control.

The interior and exterior were finished. Since each model of the all-new Mustang series has a specific front end, customers can choose the look that best matches their personality. The GT model, the heart of the Mustang, has holes in the hood, allowing for better air flow, which is reflected in the performance. Aerodynamics has been optimized with new vents on the hood and a redesigned front splitter, notes Petr Burin, a representative of Ford.

The livery is made by Dark Horse, which according to Ford is the best-prepared Mustang with an atmospheric engine that has ever existed.

We took the new Mustang, the best of our new 5.0 liter V8, and increased the power, improved the aerodynamics, tires and wheels, and added an interactive cockpit. The result is a Mustang that surpasses all previous Mustangs with a five-liter engine, said Krenz. It has modified chassis, engine and a self-locking Torsen differential on the rear.

The electronic drift brake is based on a new technology that makes it easier to use the potential of the Mustang for driving on a slippery slope and has the visual appeal and functionality of traditional mechanical run brakes at the same time, added Burin. The electronic parking brake is designed both for beginners who want to improve themselves in drifting, and for experienced experts who use it in current deployment.

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