The number of Ukrainians rejecting territorial concessions to Russia is still growing. Almost 90 percent don’t want them

In May, 82 percent of respondents were negative about possible territorial concessions, in July 84 percent. In the last survey, it was already 87 percent.

“For 87% of respondents, no territorial concessions are acceptable (and this indicator has increased by three percentage points compared to July). Only eight percent of respondents believe that it is possible to give up some territories in order to achieve peace and preserve independence,” writes the KIIS report, adding that the latter figure has fallen by two percentage points since the last measurement.

Kyselivka has not yet been liberated by the Ukrainians, despite initial hopeful reports

The war in Ukraine

The survey found that 57 percent of ethnic Russians living in Ukraine and 85 percent of ethnic Russian-speaking Ukrainians are also against territorial concessions to Russia. 24 percent of ethnic Russians voted for Ukraine to cede part of its territory. Reuters writes that the results of the survey are so contrary to how Russia justifies the invasion of the neighboring country. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the purpose of the so-called special military operation is to protect the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, which is allegedly threatened by Ukrainian nationalists.

We are not retreating, it is a tactic, Kadyrov now claims. It is said that the war with the devils will not end


The aforementioned survey took place between September 7 and 13, and two thousand people participated in it.

The Ukrainian army is leading a counter-offensive, during which it managed to push Russian troops out of several thousand square kilometers, especially in the Kharkiv region in the northeast of the country. Reuters points out that this encouraged the Ukrainians and strengthened their hope for the liberation of other territories before the arrival of winter. Despite the military successes of the Ukrainians in recent days, however, Russia still occupies about a fifth of Ukraine’s territory.

More information about the war in Ukraine

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