“I’m Peskov, after all.” The Kremlin spokesman’s son avoided mobilization

“I’m Peskov, after all.” The Kremlin spokesman’s son avoided mobilization
“I’m Peskov, after all.” The Kremlin spokesman’s son avoided mobilization

In a fake phone call in which they pretended to be representatives of the military commissariat, associates of jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny caught Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s son trying to use his position to avoid mobilization. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on Wednesday.

Navalny’s associate tells Nikolai Peskov that he had a phone number on the summons to call and informs him that “they are waiting for him tomorrow at ten o’clock at the military commissariat.”

The 32-year-old Peskov is at first surprised that he is being called by the conscription and asks how they are talking to him. “Mr. Nikolai Peskov, I can talk to you like this,” says Navalny’s associate.

The son of Putin’s spokesman tells the supposed member of the conscription office that “if you know that I am Mr. Peskov, then you should understand that it would not be quite right for me to be there (at the military commissariat).”

Partial or full mobilization?

Instead of a “partial” mobilization, there will be a maximum – one that Russia can logistically afford. And Europe should realize that if it does not exert its forces, the whole European way of life will collapse, Vladimír Votápek told Seznam Zprávám.

“I’ll just deal with it on a different level,” said the young Peskov. When the supposed representative of the military commissariat asks him again if he will appear at the draft board tomorrow at ten o’clock, he replies: “Trust me, neither you nor I need that.”

Navalny’s team rejected Dmitry Peskov’s claim that the call was edited. Peskov assured, according to Russian media, that his son would not try to escape military service under any circumstances.

In the phone call, Peskov junior said that he was ready to go to defend the homeland, but apparently not in the current situation, when Russia is waging a war against Ukraine. The caller reminds him that Putin himself ordered the partial mobilization.

“When Vladimir Vladimirovich tells me to go there, I will go,” assures Peskov. The supposed representative of the military commissariat tells him that the president cannot call every reservist. Peskov replies that he is not everyone.

The DPA agency wrote that Navalny, the main opponent of the Kremlin, has previously said that Putin sends ordinary citizens to war and the elite are spared.

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