PROMISES OF ERRORS: Electoral Shards – The Invisible Dog

PROMISES OF ERRORS: Electoral Shards – The Invisible Dog
PROMISES OF ERRORS: Electoral Shards – The Invisible Dog

After four years, we have municipal elections, and with them, again slightly crazier pre-election promises. One cannot overlook them if one tries one’s hardest. We trip over them at every turn.

One candidate promises to make gas cheaper for the citizens of Prague. What? Do you have any gas? Where? Phenomena! Or rather not. And you’ve been selling your gas at a high price until now, and now you’re finally going to make it cheaper? And you brag about it?

Another announces that he has a plan against the heating of the city. Well, he probably should have launched it after the elections, because this September was not very warm. And anyway, who is still talking about heating the city? Here at the fiftieth parallel? The thirties are here for about three weeks of the year, the rest of the year we have the weather here like in England. The best thing is that at the moment when the 30-degree heat prevails, almost three million of our fellow citizens gather and flee from the heat – to even greater heat, i.e. where it is 40 degrees. This election was supposed to be in January, I’d be curious to see the success of the anti-warming plan slogan.

And speaking of heating, one side offers a heated swimming pool. Not of his own accord, with the taxpayers’ money. With the money of all taxpayers, so that the few who love to splash in warm water have a cheaper entrance fee. And what will they heat the pool with? A sweater? Well, they probably invented this campaign already in the spring and were sorry for the wasted money for the production of advertising.

Some parties directly threaten. They promise a city friendly to minorities. At a time when several hundred illegal migrants were caught in the Zlín region alone within a few days. At a time when neighboring Austria is completely unable to cope with the onslaught of economic immigrants, directed by pro-migration non-profits. At a time when there are three to five million people waiting for European social benefits at the Turkish border.

It’s black and it’s knocking on the door. What is it? Our future. An old joke that is no longer funny. And on top of that, they promise us with bright faces that it will be better after them. If they said that it would be only a little worse for them, while it would be a lot worse for others, then one could perhaps believe it, but like this…

Jokes aside, read the promise that these will provide cheaper energy. When we choose them. But they already rule the city now, so why didn’t they arrange the cheaper energy a long time ago! They probably didn’t have time, they were planning more suicide cycle lanes on the main drop-offs.

So I wonder when someone will finally come up with an election slogan: if you elect us, we won’t get in your way. I would vote for such a candidate. Instead, everyone is competing for the dumbest ideas to spend the taxpayers’ money better than the taxpayers would spend it themselves.

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