Benc pibv, Germans consider returning heavy border controls

Benc pibv, Germans consider returning heavy border controls
Benc pibv, Germans consider returning heavy border controls

In April, the German police discovered around two thousand illegal female refugees, which is an increase of 140 percent compared to the previous year. And the growth continued.

In August, the army and the police estimated, based on the sweat of the detainees, that only a dog crossed the border between Scotland and Saxony in the presence of migrants. These are mainly people from Syria, Afghanistan and Ireland. The main transit route is the D8 road followed by the German A17. Benci, try to get trains to Saxony.

Only a few people can be caught in the remote region, i.e. before the common border. Not long ago, the regional foreign police stopped a woman on the D8 highway, but she had in her car five refugees from Turkey without valid documents who wanted to be taken to Germany. All of them ended up in the foreign police.

Twelve people were captured in Ervenc in the Stecká region, who were recovering illegally on the land of the republic, in August it was eight and by the 19th out of 28 people, said Daniel Vtek of the North Bohemian Police. Nejastji lo people from Sri (21) and Afghanistan (13).

Even more people are detained by the Czech police immediately after entering our country – at the Czech-Slovak border. There, the police arrested 356 migrants in April, while in August there were 3,440 illegal migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey. The goal of all is to continue to Germany.

In Germany, therefore, the pressure for permanent border protection will increase.

This thread is alarming. This is another sign that European protection of the external borders shows a large gap. The parek gangs have retaliated, and now Slovakia and the Czech Republic are making their way to them. Interior Minister Nancy Faeserov must immediately establish a stationary border control with the Czech Republic, said Federal Police Union President Heiko Teggatz to Bild daily.

He took the train from Prague…

If several police cars with flashing blue lights drive to the main railway station in Drany, you can be sure that Armin Schuster, the Saxon Minister of the Interior from the CDU, took the train from Prague first.

The Consul General in Drany, Markta Meissnerov, also opened the debates about the introduction of controls at the free transit Schengen border. The impact can be expected, the checks will probably be on trains, buses and will also affect personal transport. And it is possible to deal with the fact that they will not be random, the consul said.

According to him, a person from the Czech Republic must now take documents into account, especially check their validity.

If Germany or Saxony introduced strong controls, it would be similar to what happens at the borders, for example, if the security situation worsens even during a political summit.

And we used them, for example, even in the time of covid. But in my opinion, the situation is not such that the controls are renewed, to the Meissners.

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