A Russian murderer and cannibal joined the ranks of the Wagnerites, he will be pardoned after the war

A Russian murderer and cannibal joined the ranks of the Wagnerites, he will be pardoned after the war
A Russian murderer and cannibal joined the ranks of the Wagnerites, he will be pardoned after the war

The then 23-year-old Yegor Komarov was convicted of murder by the police last fall after a bloodied, stabbed, headless human body fell out of the trunk of his Mitsubishi vehicle during a car accident on the highway near the city of Sortavala near St. Petersburg. Komarov, together with two accomplices, fled into the nearby forest after hitting the barriers, where the police soon caught up with him. Komarov himself confessed to the victim’s murder and later stated that he “tasted her flesh for a taste”.

At the court hearing, the investigator asked Komarov if he would be able to eat a human again, to which Komarov responded, “Do you have any?”

Знайомтесь чвк “Вагнер”. Це Єгорка Комаров, ни він не їсть комах, він cannibal, hunted people in the parks of Петербургу. Now he is fighting for Putin in Ukraine, maybe he will receive the Order of Zhukov. https://t.co/ELWZbEKcQR

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During the removal of the handcuffs during the interrogation, the accused threatened the police that he could bite them to death. He also later admitted to cutting out the man’s tongue, cooking it in butter and eating it at home. He drank the man’s blood, but was disappointed by the taste, he said. He would then scour the parks at night for more victims. Komarov also confessed to the murder of the driver of the Mitsubishi vehicle.

In a leaked video of the court hearing, Komarov can be seen saying he had previously killed an unnamed 38-year-old male victim for no reason, just to see how it tasted.

Komarov is now among those who have joined the Wagner mercenary group, the British newspaper The Sun wrote. The information came to light after the world media reported on the visit of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the man believed to be the leader of the Wagnerites, to a prison in Mordovinsk, Russia. Prigozhin was filmed in prison recruiting convicts.

The prisoners, who include murderers and sex offenders, were told that President Vladimir Putin would offer them freedom and a personal pardon if they served six months on the front line in the war against Ukraine.

According to Olga Romanova from the organization Russia behind bars, there is one murderer among the recruited criminals who also has cannibalism in his portfolio, it should be the convicted Komarov.

Putin’s private army

The Wagner family first appeared in Ukraine in 2014, where they played a key role in Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea.

The group is believed to have been founded by neo-Nazi and former Russian special forces commando Dmitry Valerievich Utkin, who named the group after Hitler’s favorite composer, Richard Wagner.

The Wagners became Vladimir Putin’s private army. The mercenaries were accused of killing children, raping and torturing women and carrying out brutal executions. Yevgeny Prigozhin is believed to be their leader, although he publicly denies it.

“I am a representative of a private war company, you may have heard the name – the Wagnerians,” Prigozhin says, however, in a leaked secret video of the crowd.

In the extraordinary clip, Prigozhin, who was recently awarded the Hero of Russia medal for loyalty by Putin, tells hardened criminals that they will become war heroes or be shot as deserters. He tells the captives that he will offer them freedom and a personal pardon from Putin if they stay at the front. If they die, they will be buried “like heroes” in their homeland, he tells them.

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