The pepper pound expires, except for the last week

The pepper pound expires, except for the last week
The pepper pound expires, except for the last week

From the 30th, British shops will no longer accept six billion old £50 notes and no more than five billion twenty-pound notes, the Bank of England announced on Friday.

From this date on, only new polymer banknotes will be accepted on the islands, which are supposed to guarantee security against counterfeiting. The new banknotes are so small that they are easier to put in a wallet.

New British £50 notes. In circulation from June 2021.

People can exchange the paper notes at the Central Bank of London on Threadneedle Street, at selected branches or by post, the bank said. Many commercial banks allow them to bet on you.

All new polymer version of me with a portrait of Queen Albata II. can be used as usual, the Bank of England added.

After the death of the Queen, Britain changed banknotes, travel envelopes and the national anthem. The iconography associated with the queen during the seventy years of her reign has grown so much into British institutions and society that the changes will take years and cost billions of pounds.

The king of the queen’s house

There are currently around 4.5 billion banknotes in circulation in Britain featuring the late queen’s portrait, with a combined value of around £80 billion (K2.3 trillion). For at least two years, the form of the new banknotes must be approved by the Buckingham Palace. Albta II. it is also similar on twenty-dollar bills in Canada and on coins in New Zealand.

Coins and banknotes with Queen Albata II. they will continue to be published for the rest of the summer year or maybe even later, only then will it come to me with a new portrait. Many coins and banknotes with the portrait of the queen will remain in circulation for years.

Banks and travel agencies will issue new notes and coins and withdraw old ones from circulation, making the exchange process easier for the public. According to British media, it is a common tradition since the time of King Charles II. (1630-1685) that monarchs, depicted on coins, always looked in the other direction, not their predecessors.

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