Dispute over license plates ends, Kosovo and Serbia reach an agreement

“We have a deal,” Borrell tweeted after an EU-brokered deal was reached in Brussels.

“I am very pleased to announce that the main negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia, with the help of the EU, have agreed on measures to prevent further escalation and to fully focus on the proposal for the normalization of mutual relations.”

Kosovo demanded that Kosovo Serbs use exclusively Kosovo registration plates, while it considered those issued by Serbian authorities illegal.

The agreement was actually reached in five minutes to twelve. Kosovo planned to start issuing fines from Thursday to approximately 10,000 Serbian drivers who continued to use Serbian license plates. In protest, Kosovo Serbs left key state institutions, creating a “very dangerous security vacuum,” according to Borrell.

A previous attempt collapsed on Monday when Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic failed to agree, and Kosovo was forced to delay the start of fines for drivers by 48 hours at the request of the US.

The tension between Serbia and Kosovo is the greatest in the last decade, warned the head of European diplomacy


“Serbia will stop issuing license plates with the names of Kosovo cities and Kosovo will stop further actions related to re-registration of vehicles,” Borrell wrote.

Borrell said he would invite the two sides to talks in the coming days on the EU proposal, which is also supported by France and Germany, and which would allow the warring parties to normalize relations.

There will probably not be another war in Europe, the EU helped resolve the conflict in the Balkans


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