Kyiv experienced more airstrikes on New Year’s Eve, a nuclear power plant was on fire in Russia

Kyiv experienced more airstrikes on New Year’s Eve, a nuclear power plant was on fire in Russia
Kyiv experienced more airstrikes on New Year’s Eve, a nuclear power plant was on fire in Russia

According to the portal, the anti-aircraft defense in the metropolis is most likely firing at Russian cruise missiles and Iranian-made drones, which Russia uses for air attacks. Authorities are urging residents of the capital to stay in shelters until the alarm is lifted. So far, the authorities have said that shrapnel from one missile damaged a passenger car in one of the Kyiv districts.

“Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes,” some Kyivites shouted from their balconies as sirens wailed warning of the airstrike, according to Reuters.

The previous air attack on Kyiv was carried out by the Russians on the last day of last year. Ukrainian defenses shot down seven missiles and one drone on the approaches to the capital, RBK-Ukraine added.

A series of explosions rocked Kyiv during Saturday’s airstrike, killing at least one person. A Japanese journalist is among the twenty injured, said the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, Vitaly Klitschko. An air alert was announced in all regions of Ukraine. Air defenses hit six of the country’s 24 areas, according to the BBC. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Russia, which he called a terrorist state, would not be forgiven.

There was a fire in a nuclear power plant in Russia, one person lost his life

At the Rostov nuclear power plant, located between Rostov and Volgograd in southern Russia, a fire broke out in a transformer of a nuclear reactor undergoing scheduled repair. The fire was quickly extinguished. One plant worker was killed and another was seriously injured, the Russian energy company Rosenergoatom, which operates nuclear power plants in Russia, announced on Saturday. She assured that the radiation background in the vicinity of the Rostov nuclear power plant has not changed.

The company did not say what caused the fire. Neither the Russian nor the Ukrainian side linked the fire to combat operations, but the Rostov nuclear power plant is located approximately 400 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, the Russian BBC noted on its website. She added that Engels Airport, which Ukraine has attacked twice this month using modified Strizh drones of Soviet design, is located further away, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

She also reminded that substations, including nuclear power plants, are systematically attacked by Russian cruise missiles and Iranian-made drones, which is explained by their vulnerability. They are located in the open air, contain highly flammable liquids and cannot be easily and quickly repaired or replaced.

It is not known whether there is any connection with the fire, but an uncharacteristically laconic post in the form of a flame emoticon appeared in the Telegram application of the head of the office of the Ukrainian president Andriy Jermak. Ukrainian officials usually do not directly confirm sabotage in the deep rear of Russian troops, but often react to such events with obvious sarcasm, the BBC added.

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