Rusk notes for Babi’s mining campaign

Rusk notes for Babi’s mining campaign
Rusk notes for Babi’s mining campaign

This has been confirmed several times, most recently in this edition of the Invisible Dog, aman Jan Kovanic points out a joint lawsuit against Petr Pavlov in favor of Andrej Babie. Even if I fell from Mars and knew nothing about one or the other, I would see something strange. But who would doubt where it comes from, I recommend the source from the source. For a hundred decoctions like yours in Jiho Paroubka, when we have at our disposal a pure product of a Russian factory called Aeronet News. Shortly after the first round, there was a water sign signed by the editor VK’ under the title Pn volky. Yes, there were two. No, Babi pasted his famous plaques on the surfaces of the Big Board company, he was instrumental in the implementation of the Russian secret service’s saboteur action against the radar warehouse in Brdy. chain link:

The result of the first round of the presidential elections in Czech Republic indicates the terrifying phase of the Czech population and the desire for a military confrontation with the Russian Federation! It is a perfect copy of the nazification of the German public from below at the turn of the 1930s! The elections confirmed that the population in the Czech Republic is not neoliberal, but trans-Atlantic anchored in the determined position of the candidacy of the state of Trojmo and ready to drag Czech troops into the Ukraine, even at the cost of mobilizing their own children!

If you see the frost in the walls, then you are in the same situation as J. Rusov, Babi’s competitor, and label our society exactly the same as they characterized the Ukrainians before, not invading their country to steal it from them. To be clear, the author pe:

If there is no mobilization of the opposition and the election of Andrej Babia, after the second round of elections, General Pichystanho, together with Fiala, will have to send the entire nation into the war against Russia.

These are the notes according to which Andrej Babi played his song. And what is Babi’s catchy song: The Democrats, on the other hand, don’t see Russia and Putin, but they want an extension from the communist era to the Castle, which was then supervised by the KGB, just as Vladimir Putin was. But no, it’s not Babi, it’s just a Russian propagandist asking what Andrej Babi will say in his well-known litanies on TV.

The note about Trojmo is worthy of attention. It is an informal structure uniting 12 hundred lakes between the Baltic, Adriatic and Black seas:[1] esko, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania. With the exception of Hungary (which, knowing the blindness of Brussels, has been driven to the heart of Putin), all these countries are in the world and the world is surrounded by Russia. Compared to them, the sharpness of the traditional European West and Russia is much less clear, this is manifested in the German approach to the extension of arms to Ukraine and in the various French attempts to unite some kind of Munich agreement. I started the project not because he is a sympathetic American. Neither Babi nor Pavel spoke about the project in the campaign, but as you can see, Rusov spoke out and saw Pavlov as a formidable opponent.

I recommend Aeronet News to study and fight against censorship: it was among the stopped websites after the fall of Ukraine. I cried at the time, it’s counterintuitive, but I refuse to cry about it. I have not changed my view, because it is a gross diversion, preparing to take further aggressive steps.

The article is in Czech

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